10 important computer skills that you need for any job in Bangladesh

10 important computer skills

Important computer skills are needed for career development in this current time. Because day by day the computer placed itself in all the aspects of our life. Also for the job sector, it’s becoming a vital need. So one has to choose the best computer skill to stay strong in the Bangladesh job sector now. In today’s age of information technology, the world has become much more reliant on virtual work. So having basic knowledge about the computer has become a necessity for everyone now. Most office work is now computer dependent. So in this digital world, it is difficult to say that if you don’t have basic knowledge of computers, you will survive even if you get a job. This applies to all types of jobs. Currently, there are no job advertisements where basic computer experience is not required. As a result, those who do not have these general skills in computers often cannot apply for a job. So this issue needs to be considered very seriously now by all job seekers. Nowadays the government has made computer knowledge compulsory at the secondary and higher secondary levels. So students at these levels are now far ahead in basic knowledge of computers. So today’s article is for those who are still lagging behind in basic computer skills. You can consider these as the best computer abilities that you need for your career. Hopefully, backward job seekers and students will benefit a lot. Learn today’s 10 useful computer skills articles. Let’s take a look at the important issues then.

The first thing that comes to mind is the basic operating system. Among these are how to turn on and off the computer, MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, how to copy files, etc.

So let’s take a look at what is very important for us to know about the operating system.

10 important computer skills
10 important computer skills

Basic operating system

It is important for every student as well as a job seeker to have an idea about the basic operating system. You can not state it as the best computer skill but it can be a primary computer ability that can help you learn the future skills. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to operating systems is how to turn on or off a computer or laptop, how to create a folder, and how to copy or paste the necessary things into a folder. How to change the desktop background, how to create a program’s shortcut. Basic computer operating systems can be called basic computer skills for beginners. So you can start it to learn advanced computer skills first. The most important of these are given below.

The work of word processing and spreadsheets

The work of word processing on the computer is the work of writing. Microsoft Office Word is one of them. Moreover, it is very important to know the work of a spreadsheet. If you don’t know these, it becomes very difficult to work or do your own personal work. Spreadsheets are Microsoft Excel, which can be used for various calculations. In the office court, various works are done in these. Thus you can be an expert on this advanced computer ability to get a job in Bangladesh. 

Microsoft PowerPoint

An important part of Microsoft Office skills in Microsoft PowerPoint. It is mainly used in advertising. It is also called PowerPoint presentation. Presentation means to present. In various seminars, discussions, exhibitions, conferences, the speaker presents his views on any subject to the audience. This presentation can be done very easily with PowerPoint. Much more can be done with MS PowerPoint e.g.

  • Presentations can be made.
  • With it, the subjects can be written on separate slides.
  • Slides can be designed as needed.
  • Slides can be put together in a file and printed.
  • With the help of a projector, any subject can be presented by a slide show.


Email now replaces correspondence. Email is a smart way to communicate with anyone, starting from the office. This allows your message to reach your desired goal very quickly. Besides, office notices are now circulated through emails. So you should have an account on a free service like Yahoo Mail or Gmail. So you must have knowledge about using email. It is a great computer ability accepted all over the world. 

Basic computer hardware

A computer has many parts which means it has parts. These components are controlled by different software. Each of these is called hardware. It is very important to have an idea about the components of a computer after buying it. It is important to know how to use them. It is important to have knowledge about RAM, hard disks, different devices, motherboards as well as how to connect these devices to monitors, CPUs, mouse keyboards, or CPUs. You also need to know how to keep your PC clean and virus free. All these are basic computer skills activities that may be needed for your job in Bangladesh. Not only in our country but also in the whole world, these basic computer skills can give you benefits.

Internet Browsing

In the present life without the internet and computer can be said to be useless. It is also important to know how to browse the Internet on a computer. Everything about any service or job is now dependent on the internet. If you don’t know these, there are many obstacles to getting a job. At the present time thus it is necessary to have a clear idea about internet browsing. You can work as a customer adviser or web researcher by browsing the internet. Many companies and government jobs are required for these skills in Bangladesh. For the first step of computer skill development in Bangladesh, you must know this.

Typing skills

It is a very important computer skill for a job seeker to know typing. The general rule for typing is to be able to type 40 words per minute in English and 25 words in Bengali. There is a lot of software to practice typing now. Practicing one of these can increase typing skills. We often need to type for different assignments. Having skills in typing makes it much easier and cheaper to do your own things. In this age of information technology, it is not possible to do well in any job or business without typing. Because typing is required for everything from email writing to maintaining communication. So it is possible to stay ahead if you know it. For computer operators, Computer typists and Office assistants cum typists need this skill. Also for company jobs, advanced computer skills and entry-level skills for resume offer this as a proficient task. If you want to take a job with data entry skills or data entry freelancer you must need these typing skills. You should know that a data entry job is now much popular in our freelancing platform. Not only the local platform but also in the data entry skill test for Upwork or Fiverr. So you can make these typing skills as an expert for your job in Bangladesh as well as for the global platform.

Keyboard shortcut:

Copy/paste without a mouse on the computer with some shortcuts. Knowing some of these common keyboard shortcuts makes the job much easier, it also saves a lot of time. This is as well not a computer skill for cv but if you know properly you can use this as your solid computer ability. Also, it can help you with any typing or computer operator job in Bangladesh. Expert computer operators should know the keyboard shortcuts. This can help you find your work pretty fast. All over the world, computer experts suggest keyboard shortcuts apply to the computer job.

Computer Skills – Social Networking Skills

There are people of different types and professions on social sites. It is possible to get acquainted with these people through social networking. Social networking skills include how to talk, how to avoid negativity, how to behave, and so on. This basic computer skill is an important topic right now. Social networking sites are very important for everything from studying to doing business. It is very important to know how to work with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn by creating these accounts. So you have to be aware of their use. Only then will it be possible to stay ahead in the field of employment. There are so many jobs that offer based on social media and communication. Like Internet marketing jobs, Digital Marketing Jobs, Social media posting jobs, and so on. But to do these jobs in Bangladesh you must-have social networking skills first. You should have enough knowledge about social platforms and managing them. It can give you the best opportunity in computer base jobs in Bangladesh. Also, it has much popularity all over the world job market.

Computer Skills – Graphics Designing

Graphics design is very important in computer skills. Because it can be used to create magazines, posters, banners, and much more. Graphics design is also needed to create animations. If you know how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator on your computer, you can stay ahead of many others. So it can be said that knowing graphics skills is a high-quality skill at present. In Bangladesh, there are so many designers who are creating their design sense in a creative way. They work online and freelance base platforms with these design skills. So if you can make yourself an expert on this design skill you can make much growth in your career. Graphic design jobs in Bangladesh are now much popular also. You can do government and private jobs with the design position. Also can do the remote job as a graphic designer from anywhere. So you can try this if you want to be a Bangladeshi graphic designer.

Computer Skills – Installing and Uninstalling Software

It is very important to know how to install MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Typing Tutor, Basic applications on the computer. No need to repeatedly ask for help to install software on your own computer. So everyone should have an idea of ​​how to install and uninstall the software. This is also a common computer skill that may be needed for your upcoming job. The benefits are as follows

  • If you know this, you can do these things yourself, it will save you money.
  • If you know this, you can provide installation services. It is also possible to earn money.
  • You can create a blog about how to install and uninstall software.
  • If you know this, you can work in an office where you need to maintain the computer every day.

In some government jobs in Bangladesh, you may need to apply this tech skill to have your advanced talent. So try to know about some best abilities that can make you one step ahead.

Blogging and Content Writing Skills:

Blogging and content writing skills are one of the most popular skills right now. Internet marketing is based on content. So you can open your own blog website and make money by placing advertisements in it. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Making money by writing content for social media marketing is now a very popular job. This is not only the best computer skill in Bangladesh but you can have as your job. Because there are so many people who are earning money with these writing skills. You have a passion for writing different things with different topics. You can start it as your proficient computer skill. There are so many official and remote jobs available for content writers in Bangladesh. Also, many international companies hire remotely as a content writer for their website. In Bangladesh, many students earn money with their writing skills. Also, they are working as a freelancer online. You can have it as your solid profession also. But we want to say that it can be the best computer skill in the present technical days.  

Internet Research

One of the most important computer skills questions mentioned is how to do research on the internet. Research means to search. When you find out about a subject by searching in different web browsers, it is called research. Research is needed when someone is looking for a solution to a problem. Research is needed to create a project. Research is also needed for digital marketing. So it is very important to have an idea about these issues. If we want to mention this basic computer skill for your job then we want to say that it is the top computer skill among others. Because you can learn so many things if you want from the internet. But you have to know first how to research on the internet about the particular topic. So it is a must skill that you have to gather as an Internet researcher or basic internet user.

FAQs: Best Computer Skills That you should learn from Basic

Q1. What are the best computer skills to learn?

Answer: This is the most common question that many of us search on the Internet. There are so many basic and expert skills that we should learn to make us experts. But to get a job or make your career solid you should go with some basic computer skills in these present days. Here is the top 5 best computer skills that you should learn for your own career development:

  1. Typing Skills.
  2. Microsoft Word Skills / Excel Skills / PowerPoint Skills.
  3. Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / InDesign Skills.
  4. Software Installation and Uninstallation.
  5. Internet Research.

Q2. How would you describe your computer skills?

Answer: Computer skills are basically computer knowledge. It is the ability that allows you to use computer and computer related technology. In general, basic computer skills include basic computer uses. Like word processing, computer file management, and presentation creation. Improved computer skills include spreading spreadsheet databases and running calculations.

Q3. What computer skills should I put on my resume?

Answer: With some basic computer skills, you can add some of the best skills that you have. Like you can add basic Microsoft word skills, Excel skills, and if you have skills in design or video editing you can add it to your resume. Because a professional skill can give you the best suit for your job and in your career growth.

Q4. How can I improve my computer skills?

Answer: First, learn what you like and what you can make best according to your capability. Then set your goal on how you can go with it. The best practice is to train yourself with proper guidelines. And try to practice and solve problems that may come doing your job. Doing this thing regularly you can make yourself an expert on your computer skills. Remember it, you can not expertise your skill until you practice more. The more you practice the more you learn. And after a period you can improve your computer skill by practicing the skills with expertise level.

Q5. What are the basic PC skills?

Answer: Computer basic skills are defined with the primary uses of computers. Like installing software, Surfing Internet, Typing your words, basic tools work, and so on. This can help you a lot when working on your PC or office. You know that these days are days of technology. So the more you update yourself with computer skills you can grow your career with it. Also your position and earning will grow based on your PC skills. So start from the basics and try to get it in the advanced level. Thus you can get the output of these skills in your workplace.

By learning these advanced computer skills, it is hoped that students and job seekers will be ahead of many in all fields. Anyone can do the course again if they want to know about these things from the internet. Not only applying for a job but also those who are currently employed need to know the necessary computer skills. Then office work becomes much easier. And for those who are good at these things, these things have a very positive effect on their careers. You don’t need to know much to do any office work, these are the basic things that are useful. Those who are job seekers will initially make you more qualified for the job. Your interest in knowing and learning will lead you to the highest peak of success. Finally, good luck to everyone & stay with BDJOBSWORLD for all the learnings of the latest job trends and circular.

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