Auditor and Junior Auditor Job Exam Preparation

Auditor and Junior Auditor Job Exam Preparation

Auditors and Junior Auditors are appointed under the Office of the Controller and Auditor General and its subordinate offices. Circular has been issued for recruitment of manpower in 538 vacant posts of latest auditors and 458 vacant posts of junior auditors.

To apply for the post of Auditor, the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. You can apply for the post of Junior Auditor only after passing the Higher Secondary. Must apply online. We spoke with the several officers who were hired. In this context, today we will give details about the preparation of this auditor and junior auditor recruitment test. Stay with us.

Auditor And Junior Auditor Job Exam Preparation: Recruitment Process

Recruitment tests are usually 100 marks in total. The auditor recruitment test is usually done in two steps. In the first stage, preliminary (MCQ method) examination is done on 60-70 marks. Then the oral test is on 20-30 marks. But, if there are more candidates, the written test is also taken after the field preliminary examination.

The junior auditor recruitment test is in three steps. In the first stage, the preliminary examination is on 60-70 marks. The second step is the computer practical test. Basically computer operation and typing speed are seen in Bengali-English. If there are 20 words / minutes in both the languages, the typing phase can be passed. Then you have to face the oral exam.

Auditor and Junior Auditor Job Exam Preparation
Auditor and Junior Auditor Job Exam Preparation

Auditor And Junior Auditor Job Exam Preparation: Preliminary & Written Examination

Auditor and Junior Auditor: In both the posts, preliminary examination of 60-70 marks is usually done (in MCQ system). The value of each question is 1. And if there is no writing about negative marking in the question paper, there will be no negative marking. The test usually asks questions from Bengali, English, Mathematics and General Knowledge (Contemporary Events, Daily Science, Computer etc.). Subject wise marks are distributed in the examination usually: Bengali 15-20, English 20, Mathematics 20, General Knowledge 15-20 marks. Apart from this, there is no obligation to pass the subject separately.

Auditor And Junior Auditor Job Exam Preparation: Subject Wise Preparation Advice

Auditor And Junior Auditor Job Exam Preparation: Subject Wise Preparation

Bengali: Analyzing the questions of the past year, it has been seen that questions come from both literature and grammar in the Bengali part. In grammar you should read enough:

  • sounds,
  • letters,
  • words,
  • terms,
  • sentences,
  • suffixes,
  • conjunctions,
  • applications,
  • misapplications,
  • prefixes,
  • n-tb and s-tb provisions,
  • spelling and syntax,
  • terminology,
  • synonyms and antonyms,
  • expressions,
  • idioms,
  • and other questions come from proverbs etc.

The ninth-tenth grade board grammar book can be read well to prepare for the grammar part.

Now let’s come to Bengali literature. You need to be tactful in preparing this part. Let me say at the outset that the beginning of the preparation of Bengali literature should be by solving all the questions of the various recruitment examinations of the past. If we notice a little, it can be seen that almost the same question comes up again and again in ancient and medieval Bengali literature. The year of publication of stories and novels based on language movement and liberation war is important. Also the name of the editor of various magazines came up for this auditor examination. Good preparation is possible by following a good quality guide book in the market.

Auditor And Junior Auditor Job Exam Preparation: Subject Wise Preparation

English: Questions come from the English part, the grammar and the literature part. But most of the questions come from the grammar part. Idioms and phrases, Synonyms and Antonyms, appropriate prepositions, Modals & Group verbs, Corrections, Participle, Infinitive, Gerund etc. are the most common questions. Apart from this, questions also come from other important topics of grammar. These topics can be practiced more and more by strengthening the English foundation. Allocating at least 2 hours per day for English will give good results. And from the literary part, more questions come from the epoch section of English literature, some literary terms, the names of the authors of famous books, etc. Apart from this, questions from other issues also come up occasionally. However, if you practice the questions that came up in the various job exams of the last year, there is a possibility of reading them in common.

Auditor And Junior Auditor Job Exam Preparation: Subject Wise Preparation 

Mathematics: There is not much to memorize in mathematics. If the test is to find out the answer in a cold head. So in order to do well in this part, the foundation of mathematics has to be strengthened. Understand that you have to practice math regularly every day. If the foundation of mathematics is not strong, start fighting from today.

Set aside at least 2 hours a day for math. Various websites on the Internet can be used to strengthen the foundation of mathematics. There are also several good channels on YouTube to prepare for math. Mathematics can also be learned by watching videos from there. The mathematical formulas can be drawn in front of the reading table and looked at repeatedly. If the foundation of mathematics is strong, shortcut rules can be learned to answer MCQ mathematics in a short time.

But don’t forget to learn shortcut rules at the beginning.

Analysis of last year’s questions shows that real numbers, lasagu, gasagu, percentages, simple and compound profits, ratios and proportions, profit and loss, algebraic formulas, simple, polynomial generators, indices, logarithms, angles, triangles, etc. are usually more than topics. The question comes. A good quality guide book on the market as a helpful book and academic math books from sixth grade to tenth grade should be practiced.

Auditor And Junior Auditor Job Exam Preparation: Subject Wise Preparation 

General Knowledge: General knowledge comes in several types of questions. Permanent general knowledge and recent general knowledge. Apart from this, in the general knowledge section, questions also come from everyday science, computer and information technology. There is no substitute for reading a daily newspaper to prepare well for common sense. Important topics should be read from a good quality guide book in the market. For example, to read topics like

  • language movement,
  • liberation war,
  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman,
  • constitution of Bangladesh,
  • government system,
  • national resources,
  • national achievement,
  • budget,
  • awards,
  • films,
  • sports,
  • international politics,
  • various organizations and organizations including UN,
  • global agreements,
  • conferences etc. will be effective.

It is better to read the questions that came in the various recruitment exams of the last year with Alsos. In addition, some questions related to the auditor have been seen to come.

Preparation for the computer part can be taken from the secondary computer information and communication technology book. And for the preparation of daily science, it is better to prepare from the general science book of ninth-tenth class. Apart from this, if you read the information-technology page of the daily newspaper, it will be very useful.

Auditor And Junior Auditor Job Exam Preparation: Viva Test

For Auditor and Junior Auditor post, interviewers can ask such questions to the Viva Board of Recruitment-

1. About your contacts: Your name, address (district, police station or village), your father’s name, mother’s name, their occupation, your current occupation and what are you currently doing? What is the name of the director general?

2. About the written test: You can also ask questions from the written test that you did not answer, or from the answers that you gave correctly.

3. What have you read about? The examiner will ask you questions on your subject. For example: if your subject is history then you will be questioned from history, if it is economics then you will be questioned from economics.

4. What is accounting? Who says? What is Pre Audit? What is Post Audit? Etc. There may be questions from the issues. What is an auditor? What is the difference between Audit and Auditor? What is the difference between direct cost or indirect cost? What is Process Costing?

5. Translate from Bengali to English! Or English to Bengali translation. (In case of translation, do not answer in a hurry, take some time to answer!

6. Algebra can ask any simple formula.

7. There may be questions from the history of Bangladesh. It is important to remember the names of the current members of Parliament, MPs, Presidents or Prime Ministers or those who hold important positions. And those who will take the test in Muktijoddha quota will remember the date and name of the important day of the liberation war. Besides, you will start to be the sector, sector commander of the person with whom you have come to take the test with “Muktijoddha Certificate”.

8. Can ask simple arithmetic arithmetic, usually the percentage, the speed of the train, the most common arithmetic of monkey bamboo! Being able to give the right answer at the same time is positive for you.

Also, as a junior auditor, everyone has to take a computer typing test. Typing Bengali and English 2 times must be given! The time will be fixed. You have to finish typing within that time. Also to typing, you also need to take a viva test. Besides, those who will finally get a job will have to take a typing test a second time. Those who pass the next test will get an increment.

Auditor And Junior Auditor Job Exam Preparation: Some Info About This Job

  • Salary scale: According to the salary scale of 2015 – the salary for the post of auditor will be 12500-30230 Tk. And for the post of junior auditor 9300-22490 Tk.
  • Promotion: Slightly slow. Promotion is subject to vacancy. The future of this job is like ten other government jobs! The CAG (Controller General of Accounts) can be changed in the audit office, but it is quite complex and time consuming! But it is easier if you can pass SAS (there is a course of audit, part 1 and part 2. The exam is circular). This can be easily transferred to the CAG office!
  • Type To This Professional: Examining the main job of an auditor! The main task is to check the bills and vouchers. Apart from this, it is the job of the auditor to make decisions / provide / raise proposals under the rules and regulations! This is basically what happens in our department. There is more work to be done! To work according to time and convenience

So now you know all the details about Auditor and Junior Auditor job exam preparation. There are so many people who are waiting to apply for this job post. But a CAG auditor and junior auditor job is so much important to do your accounting base job in this sector. If you do not have the best preparation over the exam subject or if you do not know how to prepare for the auditor job exam you can succeed for this job post. So study hard for this auditor job exam from now. When the job circular is published we will notice you with the whole details about it. Try to visit our Bdjobsworld website. If you mistakenly forget our website, bookmark it on your web browser. Our website link is You can visit our website anytime from anyplace. We always try to give you the well standard job circular and job notice getting from the official confirmation. So you can ensure and browse any job posts on our site anytime without any hassle. 

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