Bank Job Preparation

Bank Job Preparation: Experts Suggestion

Bank job preparation is now a hot talk in our country.  At the end of graduation, almost everyone tries to get a good job. Most of them are trying for government jobs. And some are for best-paying jobs even for private jobs. Everyone’s goal is to start a career with any government or non-government organization. Thus they try to sit for different types of job exams. Many also think of starting a career with a bank job. Because in this career, on the one hand, there is so much respect, on the other hand, if you can continue to work, there are many opportunities in the future. So naturally, the attraction of the youth towards bank jobs works very well. The attraction for the bank job in Bangladesh is growing much. Thus every year millions of students apply for the bank job. Though the students want to get government jobs so they are attracted to get a govt bank job in Bangladesh.

It is important to take special preparation in advance to enter the job of the bank. Job seekers have to be interviewed to get jobs in 64 banks listed by Bangladesh Bank. In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for the bank job exam. But before that, we did not know what kind of banks there are in Bangladesh. But we will let you know the overall preparation of the bank job so that you can get the full idea about the exam. You should know that the bank job exam is one of the standard exams that you have to sit for. So your preparation for any bank job exam should be strong and more solid.

Bank Job Preparation

Bangladesh Bank: The Central Bank of Bangladesh

At the center of the entire banking system of Bangladesh is Bangladesh Bank. It is the controller of all banks that we know as the Central Bank. We all know that it is a government bank. This is because the job of Bangladesh Bank is to monitor the financial transactions of the entire state, issue currencies, maintain foreign exchange, protect state reserves, and monitor other financial institutions. At present Bangladesh Bank has 10 offices across the country.

The remaining banks include 59 scheduled banks and 5 designated banks. Among the 59 designated banks, the state is a state-owned bank that we know as a government bank. There are also three state-owned special banks for the development of agriculture and industry. Then there are 41 banks owned by individuals or companies. These are private banks. These private banks are governed by 33 respective rules. That is the interest-based banking system and the other 6 are governed by Islamic Sharia. In other words, these banks share profit and loss with the customer instead of interest. And finally, there are 9 foreign banks. Although they operate from their respective countries, they have branches in Bangladesh.

The five unspecified banks are

  • Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank,
  • Karmasangsthan Bank,
  • Grameen Bank,
  • Jubilee Bank and
  • Palli Sanchay Bank.

These banks cannot participate in all activities like scheduled banks.

Now let’s talk about bank jobs. Each bank conducts job interviews according to its own rules. But, almost everyone has the desire to work in the government sector. Government banks are no exception. So, in this article, we will discuss the official bank exam model for bank job preparation. You can make your idea for other bank jobs also if you read the full post till the end.

Bank job preparation

Every year the recruitment notification for bank jobs is displayed. You can see that anyone with a minimum bachelor’s degree in any subject (including at least two first graders) can apply. If the preparation is good, it will be easy to pass the recruitment test, this is normal. But if you think you will start preparing after the application, there may be sand in the hope. Jobs in public or private banks need long-term preparation and extensive study. And this also applies to Bangladesh Bank. It doesn’t take much time to master if you can study regularly.

Start wherever you are without looking at the time. Students who graduate can also begin the preparation phase. In the beginning, it is easier to go the rest of the way if you can solidify the idea by looking at the type of the previous question of different banks. The recruitment process in a bank usually consists of three parts. The first two steps are knockout based. Multiple-choice questions and answer sessions or MCQs at the beginning. And another is the written or descriptive part. Typically, the two parts are examined separately. There is a difference between the test time and the number distribution depending on the banks. If there is proper preparation, it is the turn of the interview to cross the boundaries of early survival and written test.

How does the Bank Job exam set the question for the candidates?

The examination for any post in the Government Bank of Bangladesh is held in three stages. The first step is the preliminary test, which is taken with 100 marks through multiple-choice questions (MCQ). The second step is the written test for 200 numbers. And finally, after the written test, you have to give the final VIVA exam. It is important to prepare individually for each step. In the beginning, we will know about the preliminary test.

  • Preliminary Exam-100 marks
  • Written Exam- 200 marks
  • Viva Exam- 50 marks
  • Computer test – 50 marks (Not compulsory for all bank jobs)

Preliminary examination

We have already said that the initial test will be through multiple-choice tests of multiple number questions. Here you have to answer 100 questions in 1 hour. The number is deducted by 0.25 for each incorrect answer. Sometimes it is stated for 0.50 for each question. Here questions are asked from English, Bengali, Mathematics and Intelligence, General Knowledge, and Computer. In the case of number distribution, there are 20 number allocations from English, 20 from Bengali, 30 from Mathematics and Intelligence, 20 from General Knowledge, and 10 from Computer. Now let’s see what kind of questions are asked from each topic and how to prepare for it.

Preliminary examination (MCQ)

Bangla 20
General Knowledge20


English questions are asked from grammar and vocabulary. The grammar question is number 10 and the vocabulary question is number 10. Knowing some important rules for grammar is the best way to answer. But, English vocabulary can no longer be read. Because we all know the English vocabulary is quite rich.

For vocabulary, it is important to know Synonym and Antonym, Phrase and Idioms, One-word substitutes, Spelling Mistake, Analogy. And for grammar, it is important to learn the rules of Tense, Verbs, Prepositions, Parts of Speech, Voice, Narration, Degree of Comparison, Group Verbs.

You can read Barron’s or Cliff’s TOEFL as well as a book that works well on the market to learn grammar rules. And for vocabulary, you have to read GMAT / GRE Vocabulary. But, if you can read the books that are on the market for the MBA exam at the IBA of Dhaka University, then it is best. Because the majority question is set from these books.


In the case of Bangla, question number 20 was asked as a combination of grammar and literature. Bangla’s preparation for bank jobs is similar to the BCS exam. For those who want to prepare for BCS as well as a bank job, it is possible to prepare for Bengali separately. One has to buy the best book available in the market for the part of Bengali literature. If you go to any bookstore in Nilkhet or Banglabazar and ask, any bookseller who is currently doing well will show you. But, all Bangla books of the Board of Education must be kept with it. It is best to follow a book approved by the board for grammar.

Mathematics and Intelligence

Since the bank is giving exams for the job, it is natural that a large part of mathematics will take part in the exams. Mathematics and Intelligence Questions Number 30 We all know that there are 3 parts to mathematics. Algebra, mathematics, and geometry. In the case of bank jobs, no questions are usually asked from geometry. Questions are asked from topics such as profit-loss, interest-principal, format and assembly, and equations from algebra and mathematics. Without mathematics, no can make a good results in the bank job written test. 

For this, it is better to read all the guide books available in the market for mathematics. As well as all the guide books available for the MBA exam in IBA of Dhaka University. If the basics of the subjects mentioned for mathematics are already good, you can do mathematics from the board approved algebra books for class XI and XII. Also must see school level board books.

There are various books available in the market for intelligence. But, it is better to keep all the books available in the market for the IBA admission test.

General Knowledge

When you hear General Knowledge (GK), first you have to memorize the names of the capitals and currencies of all the countries in the world. But in reality, it is not. The question of  General Knowledge is asked by combining various problems that have occurred in recent times and some historical events. There are many questions related to economics. To prepare general knowledge, one should read daily newspapers as well as current affairs every month. At the same time, it is good to keep a general knowledge book that is doing well in the market.

Those who are new to preparation and who have no exams in at least 3 months can read the MP3 book for general knowledge preparation. Also Professors’ current affairs, Joykoly Tottho konika is much effective for competing for bank job exams.


A book approved by the board in class XI and XII should be followed for computer preparation. A total of 10 questions will be asked from here.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the exam. If you search on Google, you will find exam questions from previous years. If you try to solve these you will get a good idea about the value of the question. In the Bdjobsworld bank jobs section, you can find so many bank jobs, preparation models. These can help you know all the question pattern and mark distributions.

Written test

In the written test, you have to answer the 200 marks questions within 2 hours. We will briefly discuss all the questions patterns and topics titles that are asked here.

Written Exam

English Focus Writing 25
English Creative Writing 25
English Comprehension30
Bangla Focus Writing 30
Translation: Bangla to English 30
Translation:  English to Bangla 30

English Focus Writing – 25 Marks

You will be asked to provide details about a specific situation here. A few basic facts about stump pads and how they are used. The kind of English used in the national English dailies, if you can write English at that level, it is possible to get good numbers here.

Any recent or any historical question can be asked here. For bank job preparation it is so much important. For example, the examination of 2016 for the post of Assistant Director of Bangladesh Bank. This question was asked about the evaluation of the work of the first 25 days of the administration of US President Donald Trump. It is noteworthy that the day of the test was the 26th day of Donald Trump’s assumption of power. You will understand how many recent issues are being questioned here.

Creative Writing in English – 25 marks

Here are the questions that will help you understand how fluently you can write in English. You have to write the best English writings with the knowledge that you gained from your studies. All the questions that are set for this section should be descriptive and you have to elaborate it properly.

English Comprehension – 30 marks

Short questions will be asked from there with a paragraph on this question. Once you understand the main points of the paragraph, you can easily answer the questions.

Mathematics – 30 marks

The same topics that you read about in Mathematics for Preliminary are the same here. But here you have to be prepared to do big math. Normally you have to do 2 or 3 maths elaborating the rules and examples. Completing all the maths will give you strong support for passing the written exam.

Focus Writing in Bangla – 30 marks

Just like in English, you will want to know about a specific subject in Bengali. The main thing here is to be able to present one’s emotions beautifully using the language of Bengali literature.

Translation: Bangla to English – 30 marks

Bengali to English translation. There can be both paragraphs and simple sentences.

Translation: English to Bangla – 30 marks

English to Bengali translation. Same as the previous one.

Looking at these, I hope you understand how to prepare for the written exam. Since this is the job of a bank, there may be minor questions about banking. It is better for them to be ready.

If you pass the written test, you will be called for the oral test. Your main goal will be to be able to prove yourself in front of the judging panel.

Computer Test ( Not Compulsory)

The typing test is basically a computer test that is tested for banking activities. Here the candidates have been allotted 25 to 50 marks. A computer test is certainly not a test for all computer job candidates. However, bankers who want to sit for software base work will have to take this test before the final Viva test. Here you have to take an English and Bengali typing test. However, if programmers or administrators sit for the test, they will have to test it using a programming code or algorithm. So you have to master it best. Otherwise, basic typing can give you the confidence to pass the exam.

Viva Exam

Prepare yourself as you expect when you first meet someone? Naturally, everyone on the board will expect something good from you. If you want to present yourself on the Viva board to keep the sophisticated, neat, open thematic concept clear, then confidence will also emerge. Self-identity, education, extra skills, interest – if you can easily present yourself as your own, half the work is done. You need to decide now how to explain the relationship of banking work with your education or the reasons for interest in this sector. It is also advisable to have an idea about the current economy, banking situation, number of scheduled banks, functioning of the central bank. Good preparation in the first and second stages of the bank recruitment exam will take you much further in the final stage.

So now you know about a to z bank job preparation base pattern. We hope you have no doubt about the exam questions and mark distributions. If you need any job circular and bank job preparation base suggestions or tips just visit You can bookmark our website so that you can get all the latest job news and notices. Also, we always try to give you all the government job circular and tips so that you can make yourself better prepared. All the best for your bank job preparation. If you need anything you can contact us through the Bdjobsworld comment section. Just type your thoughts or suggestions and send us directly. We will serve you as soon as possible with our best activity. Have a good day. 

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