High Demand Jobs in Bangladesh

The Best and High Demand Jobs in Bangladesh | Highest-Paid Jobs in Bangladesh

the best high demand jobs in Bangladesh. Here are more tips on why those jobs are highly demanded and best paying in our country. Also, we will discuss what you can expect as a bonus, and what you need to do to get a job in Bangladesh!

Traditionally, doctors or engineers have always been very valued as a profession in this country. Because there are opportunities to earn more in healthcare and engineering jobs. There is nothing to panic about, this is still true!

But, technology is developing rapidly in Bangladesh on the path of digitalization. At the same time, the opportunity to offer high-paying jobs in various other fields has also increased. Some of the best-paid jobs in Bangladesh are converted to high demand jobs now. They are not only in healthcare and engineering but also in various high-level positions in IT. It includes information technology, data analysis, consulting, digital marketing, and software development.

So let’s find out now, why is the salary in these jobs so high and why these jobs are highly demanded?

Not only in Bangladesh but in any part of the world, companies and institutions pay their employees on the basis of demand and supply. If the demand for a job is good and the number of qualified candidates is less, then the salary of the employee joining the job will be much higher. The value or salary of a candidate or officer is determined by an employer keeping in mind three important factors:

high demand jobs in bangladesh
high demand jobs in bangladesh

How much experience does a candidate need to have to work?

The candidate has been able to create that amount of potential and value for himself in the eyes of the organization.

The general demand for this type of work is high quality and higher education. This may not be the final need but it does significantly increase an employee’s chances of earning. Also, for advanced education or specialist training, there is a huge demand for different types of jobs in Bangladesh.

What is a good salary in Bangladesh?

There are so many jobs available in  Bangladesh that can provide you the top salary package. But the top salary package and a good salary job is not the same thing. According to job demand in Bangladesh a good salary means the earning that can fulfil your regular needs. But there are plenty of jobs that can provide you a good salary. Thus these jobs are called high demand jobs as well as good salary base jobs in our country. Though the demand of jobs depends on the salary you can compare all the jobs according to your needs. 

Now let’s take a look at our very high demand list, the top 10 highest paid job in Bangladesh at present time:

Top Ten Highest Paid Jobs According To High Demands In Bangladesh
JobThe Average Annual Salary In Bangladeshi Tk
IT Project Manager3,30,0000 TK
Marketing manager3,10,0000 TK
Lecturer / Professor2,57,0000 TK
HR Manager1,90,0000 TK
Software / App Developer1,80,0000 TK
Engineer1,50,0000 TK
Doctor1,25,0000 TK
Online Marketing Professional1,15,0000 TK
Architect1,10,0000 TK
Manager95,0000 TK

What you can expect when you get a job in a high paying job in Bangladesh. Also, high paying jobs are high demand jobs in Bangladesh.

No wonder you see the big payroll list attached to these job titles!

Let’s take a look at some of these specific job fields today and learn about the huge increase in attractive pay offers and the high demand with job titles related to them.

Top 5 High Demand Jobs in Bangladesh 


IT Project Director / HR Director / Marketing Manager

Part of our list and undoubtedly the biggest need among the current work areas. Thus appropriate management arrangements conducted by appropriate officers. Whether it is in the IT sector, manufacturing sector, economy, or any other industry, the need for proper and appropriate management staff. Especially high-level managers for the success of any organization is unimaginable. Salary is more than 90 thousand rupees. And this is a high demand job in Bangladesh.

In the case of information technology i.e. IT sector, project managers are relied upon to examine specific business requirements and decisions. To ensure most success they need to know how to communicate effectively. Also, they have to keep in touch with clients, partners, and staff at all levels of the internal management system. They not only transform demand into solutions but also work towards growth. They always try to solve everything effectively. The manager is the one you need to go to each IT firm to plan, lead, organize, and control many institutional projects.

In the manufacturing industry, a plant manager takes full responsibility for the product. From production to shipment all is for the manager’s liability. Also to fulfill client orders, they need to ensure quantity and quality at the same time at the lowest cost.

Besides, the HR managers of each organization maintain an improved work environment. They have to maintain the organization’s schedule, hiring, and managing all employee affairs. Also, they need to maintain good relations between both employees and high-level partners.

There are also different types of individual management staff. Such as strategy or planning managers. They come up with a plan to perform many activities of an organization. So that to identify various complex issues and business development opportunities of an organization. Also, they review market trends and aim to help an organization adapt to ever-changing situations. And they always target the work, practices of competing companies and try to maintain the best behavior in the market.

Things to do to get hired:

You need to be an expert in a particular industry or industry with at least 10 years of experience. Only in this way can you prove your worth and value to be a top-level manager in an organization. Where you can get a job with just a little bit of experience like 5 years, companies are looking for someone for this special position who has a lot of experience to handle the various challenges that come with this job. That’s why this is the highly demanded job in Bangladesh that pays a good salary.

Software developer

Mobile App Developer / Web Designer / Software Engineer

For those who have studied software engineering or IT. For those who are good at programming without any formal education, the art of software development is like a gold mine. In this case, as new to the job, your income can be above 60 thousand Bangladeshi rupees. Thus, the chances of earning a big salary in this industry are much higher. Most workers can double their wages within 3 years of hiring. This is one of the requirements of Bangladesh for regular career development. Also, you can get it as the highest-paid job in our country.

The number of graduates studying computer science and programming is very high. But, due to a lack of professional skills and qualities, the number of suitable candidates for this post is very low. This means that the demand for higher salaries in this job has multiplied, as well as everywhere in the country and abroad.

Experienced software architects, data architects, developers, and programmers are hard workers. These are considered as unique resources for any IT firm. They are effective in creating constructive analysis and design for different organizations. They are also integral to business partners. Software developers are regularly engaged in research, design, testing, and troubleshooting of various vendors. This includes the innovation and development of new technologies. If you are interested and interested in IT then you can go with this profession. It can give you a good salary and opportunity in Bangladesh according to the demand of the job.

Things to do to get hired:

You need to be an expert in problem-solving in terms of programming or coding. Also, you need to be aware of the progress of this related industry. The process of hiring these jobs is much more technical no matter how much experience you have or how much you have graduated. Companies are looking for people who are intelligent and skilled to work under pressure. Because most of the time these jobs need strict deadlines. So these high demand jobs in Bangladesh can give you strong job opportunities.

Engineering Professional

Electrical / Civil / Automobile / Aeronautical Engineer / Architect

Engineering professionals are known as well-paid officers. They may even be electrical or civil engineers. Their salaries depend only on the specific recruiting agency. But, most companies offer an average of Tk. 60,000 per candidate with relevant experience.

Senior-level engineers also have important responsibilities. Such as hiring, training, and supervising different teams of engineers. Not only do they work well with a team, but they also find ways to run production more efficiently. They have to work efficiently through re-engineering in any method. This includes creating and implementing various plans for product development. And they do all this with the budget in mind. At present this is the best and high demand job in the technical field. If you are searching for “What are the most common jobs in Bangladesh?” online, then this is your answer. Because At present these jobs are becoming the most common and high demanded job in our job sector. The best growing and best-paying jobs in Bangladesh are this Engineering Profession.

Things to do to get hired:

To be hired as an engineer, you must have an engineering degree from a reputed institution. You must have at least 2-3 years of relevant experience to get a job in a senior position. Engineering jobs are basically fixed pay jobs. But, it depends more or less on the specific employer. Although there are problems with fixed salaries, the job is so appealing to most job seekers. From the recruitment report, it is a job known as a “good-paying job in Bangladesh”. So if you prefer to hire through this profession, you can try it. Make sure you have an interest in this high demand job in our country.

Professional Health Worker

Doctor / Surgeon / Dentist

Whether job satisfaction or financial rewards, the medical field is a tough option. Also making a career in it is really very rewarding and enjoyable. In Bangladesh in particular, a medical professional can earn around Tk 1 lakh per month depending on the level of skill and how many hours you can work with awareness. Most seniors can earn this amount in just a week, even a few days, based on their reputation. This is the best paying and the best demand job in our country.

There are also a variety of jobs for other treatment professionals. All doctors, practicing nurses, medical assistants, chemists, dentists, etc., who have the opportunity to get good quality salary benefits at home and abroad, can get a good salary in Bangladesh. They can do private practice, counseling, lectures, referrals, etc. also to company jobs

On the one hand, physicians are able to diagnose and treat diseases in hospitals, emergency care, and facilities. But, physicians also perform surgical procedures, including prescribing drugs, referring to specialists, and so on. Nurses treat minor injuries, consult a physician in complex and severe cases, and refer patients. The chemist or pharmacist produces blood tests, tests, and other highly sensitive chemicals in the laboratory.

Things to do to get hired:

Before you can start earning big money, you must get an MBBS degree. Gradually increase the scope of knowledge and experience by starting training in any one hospital. While there is a proper medical professional hierarchy around the world, Bangladesh still lags behind the proper foundation. Many professionals start practicing medicine or in groups to maximize their chances of earning. After much perfection, you can apply for the best job position in any organization. Also, you can get paid a good salary in our country with this opportunity.

Online Marketing Professional

Social Media Marketer / Blogger / SEO Consultant

Digital marketing is one of the best and most popular fields of work in this era of Bangladesh. Rapid digitization in the country and the presence of web and social media have accelerated the industry over the past decade. And it is growing day by day. The vacancy and popularity also increased. Thus the demand for these types of jobs is high. Some companies pay much higher salaries over this position. But you have to gather many skills in this profession.

The online marketing sector, as its name implies, is a marketing field. So any person or organization can earn as much as they can market themselves. The opportunities and possibilities here are huge. The possibilities are growing day by day as a social media account manager or search engine optimization specialist. Also content marketer, PPC expert, and even an influential person through social media.

The potential for a position as a search engine optimization or SEO expert, online marketing manager, content manager, social media expert, or Google / Facebook advertising facility specialist is huge.

Things to do to get hired:

You do not need to have a specific degree or educational qualification to work in this field. But you need to have solid skills in the field of online marketing and the ability to communicate fluently in English. If someone has any experience or history in coding, programming, or web development, it becomes easier to succeed in this field. While SEO-related jobs are not yet entirely technical, they are sure to grow exponentially. Thus it is considered the high demand jobs in Bangladesh right now.\

There is a need to focus on creating more high-paying and high demand jobs in Bangladesh

As we have said before, Bangladesh has grown rapidly over the last decade and is slowly moving towards meeting the goals of Digital Bangladesh. While we can clearly see that the field of work has become a less attractive performance, it is also true that the trend of the economic development of the country is increasing!

As the country has the potential to speed up the growth of the digital or information technology sector, rapid growth requires partnerships with appropriate governments and the private sector. For example, we need to adopt appropriate policies to digitize all industries, given the opportunities and growth potential.

In other words, the issue is not just about growing as a single nation, but also about transforming into an activity of efficiency rather than just growing in numbers. To be part of the global economy, Bangladesh is witnessing some rapid changes, which must be applied to all sectors, public and private.

There are some factors that can have a negative impact on the availability of high-paying jobs in various fields. Certain jobs will disappear in the future as certain positions are created due to the evolution of technology. This may happen in the distant future of Bangladesh but it is progressing at a very good rate.

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Q1. What is the highest paying job in Bangladesh?

Answer: The accountant and Bookkeepers are getting the highest paying in Bangladesh today. But freelance based or online base jobs are also getting much more pay now. The IT sector is growing day by day. And the position with different factors is also increasing. Where the accountant in Bangladesh can get 50 thousand Tk and the senior accountant can get 1 lac Tk. per month salary, one IT guy can earn more than it. But with a job position, one can earn the highest as an accountant. Only doing his online work one IT person can earn more than 2 lacs per month in Bangladesh! You should know that the learning of IT guys is unlimited.

Q2. Which subject is best for a job in Bangladesh?

Answer:  One can get a job according to his qualifications and skills. But the demand for the job in our country varies with different subjects also. You have to certify educational qualifications first to get a good job here. According to the present job market here is the top 5 most demanding Subject in Bangladesh to get a best job:

  1. Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
  2. Marketing and Human Resource Management.
  3. Accounting & Finance.
  4. EEE.
  5. Civil Engineering.

Q3. What jobs have high salaries?

Answer: You can do much if you do work on your skill basis. But some jobs offer the best salary with the best position. Here you can see the top 7 best jobs that can give you best salaries anywhere you go. This is totally based on the present statistics and survey over different factors. So some position may vary if the factors are changes:

  1. Physician. Median Base Salary: $195,000
  2. Pharmacy Manager. Median Base Salary: $145,000
  3. Dentist. Median Base Salary: $140,000
  4. Pharmacist. Median Base Salary: $130,000
  5. Enterprise Architect. Median Base Salary: $120,000
  6. Corporate Counsel. Median Base Salary: $117,000
  7. Software Engineering Manager $110,000

That’s it

Hopefully today you have a good idea about the best high paying jobs in Bangladesh. Also, you can differentiate the high demand jobs in Bangladesh which is not so different from the global job fields. If you have the qualifications, or aspirations, to be involved in any of these high-paying jobs, you can not only enjoy an attractive salary but also build yourself into a world-class applicant.

These jobs fall into the well-paid, trendy as well as ever-changing IT-affected sectors. Thus, it is a smart decision to pay a good salary, but there is no good demand in Bangladesh or to try to get skills to get a job with a specialty and high demand than a job without specialty is a smart decision.

After all, there are many more jobs in the market that we haven’t mentioned today that have almost the same salary or maybe a little more.

No matter what job you apply for, be sure to prepare yourself well for the interview process. Always be confident in yourself. Good luck!

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