HSC ADMISSION RESULT The Ministry of Education has published the hsc admission all colleges result notice for class XI of HSC public and private colleges. According to the published notice, the result process for admission in class XI in the 2020-21 academic year will start from 6 June and will continue till 24 July. Those who will apply for re-examination and will have to apply within this period). At the end of the application process, the list or results of those selected in the first phase for HSC admission in class XI will be published on July 5. Classes in class XI will start from August 16 in the 2020-2021 academic year.

As in the past few years, this time also the admission will be based on the results of SSC. Like last time, this time you can apply online along with SMS. But this time the candidate can apply for a minimum of 05 and a maximum of 10 colleges. Let’s find out the details of the admission process in class XI in the  2020-2021  academic year.



SSC results were published on 31st May 2020 in all boards across the country. The online application process for HSC or Class XI of 2020-2021 academic year has started immediately after the publication of SSC results. A total of 20 lakh and 47 thousand students(nearly) who have passed SSC or equivalent examinations in the country have applied online for HSC college admission. The deadline for the online application is 24 July 2020. From 23/06/2020 to 27/06/2020, the application verification and selection process will continue. College admission results will be published on 5 July 2020. You will find other updates including HSC admission results on the official website of college admission www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd and our website.

How to see the HSC admission result?

Applicants need to visit this site www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd and login with their own USER ID and password. After logging in, you will see the results of his class XI admission on the dashboard of the website. Moreover, the results of each college wise admission will be published. You can see your results from there. But, if you want to see the College Admission Results in 2020 on this website www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd, you will need the user ID and password given at the time of application.

How to see HSC college admission results online:

Click on this link http://www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd/ to see the   XI class admission results online;

• Then enter your admission test roll entry;

• Then select SSC Exam Board;

• Then select the year of admission in class XI;

• Then enter your registration number;

• The captcha code must then be entered correctly;

• Now you can see which college you got a chance in class XI.

কলেজ ভর্তি ফলাফল ২০২০ দেখুন- HSC Admission Result 2020-2021

মোবাইলে কলেজ ভর্তি ফলাফল ২০২০ দেখতে সমস্যা হলে  Click Here

!!! কলেজ ভর্তি রেজাল্ট প্রকাশিত হয়েছে !!!

What to do if you forget your college admission user ID or password?

If you forget your HSC college admission user ID or password, you can recover it from here. For this you need to fill a form with SSC roll registration number, mother’s name, board, mobile number, and transaction ID.

Results of 2nd merit list of college admission

The results of the 2nd merit list for college admission will be published on July 17, 2020, and will be available on our site.

Results of 3rd merit list of college admission

The results of the 3rd merit list of college admission will be published on 24th July 2020 and the results will be available on our site.

Those who can be admitted

Except for those who have passed SSC in 2018, 2019, and 2020, the candidates of Bangladesh Open University in 2017, 2018, and 2019 will be considered eligible for admission in class XI. The maximum age for admission from an open university will be 22 years.

Application Procedure: Qualified Student can be applied online and by SMS.

Application Deadline: The application process starts from 6 June to 24 July (those who will apply for reconsideration must also apply within this period).

Application Verification Selection and Rejection Settlement Deadline: 23 June to 27 June

Application deadline for change of results only after re-examination: 6 to 16 June.

Publication of the results of the 1st merit list: The 1st merit list of the students nominated for admission will be published on 5th July via SMS and notice board or website of the respective educational institution as well as this link of the BDJOBSWORLD.

Confirmation of Student Selection (Failure to Confirm Student at 1st Stage Selection and Application will be Canceled): From 6th to 13th July

2nd Phase Application Deadline: July 14to 17 (Students who have not been previously selected for admission to any educational institution – will be able to update their application without adding any fees. Those who have not previously applied for admission or Even after being selected for admission, they have not confirmed the admission – they can apply by depositing the application fee of Tk. 150 (through Teletalk / Rocket / SureCash) and those who have already submitted the application fee but have not applied, can also apply.

Publication of the results of the 1st migration according to the order of preference: June 18

2nd Level Student Selection Confirmation (If the student does not confirm, 2nd Level Selection and application will be rejected): From 18th to 21 June.

3rd stage application deadline: July 24

Publication of the results of the 2nd migration according to the order of preference: 22 June

Publication of the results of the 3rd stage application: 22 July

3rd Level Student Selection Confirmation (Unless the student confirms, 3rd Level Selection and application will be rejected): Till 24 July

Admission deadline: June 6 to July 24

Class start date: 01 August 2020

3rd stage Manual Admission Deadline: – After 24 July

Online Application: You have to apply online from this website – www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd

College Selection Options

Students will be able to select 05 to 10 colleges of their choice in the online admission application.

Application Fee: In the case of the online application, even if you apply in a minimum of 5 colleges, you will be charged TK. 150 / – and if you apply in 10 colleges, you will be charged TK. 150 / -.

Application by SMS: As before, there is an opportunity to apply by sending an SMS from Teletalk. But, for each application (one application for each college) 120TK.

Colleges, madrasas, and technical education institutions — everyone has to apply in the same way.

Group Selection: Those who have passed the Science group can be admitted in any department. Those who have passed from the humanities group will be admitted to the humanities as well as in the business studies group and the business education students will be admitted to the business education and humanities departments.

Admission fees for HSC Admission in Class XI 

The admission fee for educational institutions in Mufassal / Municipal (Upazila) area including session charge will not be more than Tk. 1000 in total, Tk. 2,000 in Municipal (District Headquarters) area and Tk. 3,000 in other metropolitan areas except for Dhaka.

Students will not be able to take more than Tk 5,000 for admission in MPO registered educational institutions in Dhaka metropolitan area. Admission fee, session charge, and development fee at the time of admission have been fixed at Tk 9,000 in Bangla and a maximum of Tk 10,000 in English for the development of partial MPO or non-MPO educational institutions and payment of salaries and allowances to non-MPO teachers in Dhaka metropolitan area. No organization in the development sector can take more than 3 thousand TK.

No more than the approved fee can be charged from any student and proper receipt has to be given for accepting all the approved fees.

In case of admission of poor, meritorious, and disabled students, the concerned educational institutions should take steps to waive the mentioned fees as much as possible.

Procedure to be followed in candidate selection

No selection or admission test can be taken in the selection of candidates. Students will be admitted only on the basis of SSC or equivalent examination results.

In case of admission to departmental and district headquarters colleges, 100 percent seats of the concerned institution will be open to all. Selection will be based on merit. If there is an applicant with special priority after admission on merit basis, then additional 5 percent of the total seats are children of freedom fighters, 3 percent students of concerning departmental and district headquarters, 2 percent officers and employees of the Ministry of Education and subordinate offices, teachers and employees of educational institutions. And for the children of the board members of their respective organizations, 0.5 percent will be reserved for the children of Bangladesh Sports Education Institute (BKSP) and another 0.5 percent for the children of expatriates. If no candidate is found in the above quota, general quota students can be admitted in the tub. Certificate issued by the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs has to be submitted for the identification of children/children of freedom fighters. In the case of education, BKSP, and child quota of expatriates, they have to submit the appropriate certificate at the time of admission.

In case of getting an equal GPA, merit will have to be determined on the basis of total marks obtained. In the case of Bangladesh Madrasa Board of Education, Board of Technical Education, and Bangladesh Open University, the grade points and marks obtained should be calculated equivalently. Moreover, the grade points of different years and the number obtained should be calculated equivalently.

In case of admission in a Science group, GPA obtained in General Mathematics, Higher Mathematics / Biology will be taken into consideration in determining the merit rank of those who get equal total marks. If there is any complexity in the selection of candidates, the GPA obtained in English, Physics, and Chemistry should be taken into consideration.

In the case of Humanities and Business Education Group, GPA earned in English, Mathematics, and Bengali will be considered in phases for equal GPA settlement.

If the total grade point is the same in case of admission in another department, the merit order will have to be determined on the basis of the number obtained. In this case, if there is any complication in the selection of candidates, the marks obtained in English, Mathematics, and Bengali should be taken into consideration.

Students of school and college affiliated institutions will have the opportunity to be admitted in their respective departments (science, humanities, and business education) on a priority basis subject to the prescribed qualifications. Students can be admitted by following the above rules only if applicable in the remaining vacant seats by ensuring admission of their own students in their respective departments. However, all the admissions of these institutions will be online.

The concerned college authority can determine the minimum qualification for admission in any college / equivalent institution.

Colleges / equivalent institutions have to publish all the information related to their admission on the website and notice board.

All the colleges / higher secondary/equivalent schools in their respective institutions have to admit the students according to the list and time of the students selected for admission by the Ministry Information Education Board.

No institution may conduct voluntary admission activities beyond the date fixed by the Ministry and the Board.

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