HSC College Online Admission 2020 | Application Process for class XI 2020-2021

HSC College Online Admission 2020 Application All educational activities have been suspended for more than a month and a half due to the coronavirus outbreak. There is no guarantee that the situation will return to normal. Thus, the results of SSC and equivalent examinations 2020 will be published online at the end of May. It was learned that the admission process for class XI will also start online through June.

Application for admission in class XI in the academic year 2020-21

The admission process for HSC or class XI of the 2020-21 academic year will start from June 2020. The Ministry of Education has published the notice for admission in the HSC / XI class of all colleges in Bangladesh in 2020. This year, class XI students will be admitted to colleges and madrasas on the basis of merit. Additional students will be admitted in priority quota after admission on merit basis. Students will be able to apply again if admission is not confirmed even after being selected in the merit list. On May 13, Bangladesh Education Board announced the final notice for the admission of class XI. Students who wish to be admitted to the college can apply for admission in class XI through this website www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd. You can also apply via SMS. See the admission details from our website.

The Ministry of Education has published the policy for admission in class XI for HSC in public-private colleges. According to the published policy, the application process for admission in class XI in the academic year 2020-21 will start from 6th June. And it will continue till July 24. Those who will apply for re-examination, they have to apply within this period. At the end of the application process, the list or results of those selected in the first phase for admission in class XI will be published on July 5 at 8 pm. Classes in class XI will start from August 16 in the 2020-21 academic year.

HSC College Online Admission 2020  Application
HSC College Online Admission 2020 Application

Plans to start the application for admission in class XI from June 8!

The results of SSC and equivalent examinations will be published quickly after Eid. The education boards are working towards that goal even during the general holidays. After the release of the SSC result 2020, the education boards will start accepting applications for class XI. All the processes will be started through the online admission system from the first week of June.

The Education Board is working to release the SSC 2020 exam results this month. The online admission process will start in the first week of June shortly after the SSC exam results are released. It may be on the 6th or it may be two or three days later. ‘ Students will not have the opportunity to go to the institution and know the results. Even the press conference held at the Ministry of Education will not be held. Students need to know the results mainly through SMS and websites of education boards. They will also have the opportunity to register via SMS before the results are released. Those who do this registration will get the results automatically after publishing the results on their mobile. This system has already been taken as an SSC result pre-registration system in 2020.

According to BDJOBSWORLD, If the receiving of applications starts from June 6, then the last step will continue till July 24. It is being considered to start class XI from August 16. The first stage admission application may be accepted from 6 to 16 June.

Verification, selection, rejection, and determinative activities may continue from 23 to 26 June. The results of the first phase may be released on July 5. But, those who accept the results of the SSC exam in the re-examination process may be given the opportunity to apply in the first step.

The second phase of the application can start on July 14 and continue till July 16. The results of this step may be released after 8 pm on the same day. The third phase application may start on July 22 and continue till July 24. The results of this step may be released after 8 pm on July 24.

If the Education Board can publish the results this month, then the online admission process for class XI will be completed from June 6 to July 24. But all decisions depend on adverse circumstances. Granting the current situation, preparations have been made to complete the admission process in July. Changes will be updated on our site as soon as the final announcement is published. So stay with us.

How to process the Application for admission in class XI Online

Step-1:  Payment of application fee

1. Before this, the student has to pay a fee of Tk. 150 through Teletalk / Rocket / SureCash. By sending an SMS using one’s SSC and equivalent exam roll number, board, passing year one can easily do that.

2. ( 1st SMS) In this case, go to the “message” option of mobile from Teletalk SIM. Type CAD<space>WEB<space>First 3 Letter of Board Name<space>Roll No<space>Passing Year and send it to 16222.

Example: CAD WEB DHA 123456 2018

3. (2nd SMS) In the return SMS, a pin code will be given informing that TK. 150 will be deducted for the name of the applicant and the application fee. If you agree to pay the fee, go to the message option and write CAD<space>YES<space>PIN No<space>Student’s Mobile No (Must be Registered mobile number in the biometric system) and send to 16222.

4. If the fee is deposited properly, a Transaction ID SMS will be sent to the candidate’s mobile to confirm.

5. After the necessary process is completed, the applicant will receive a form, which must be downloaded (Follow the Step-2). Similarly, the candidate has to complete the application in the least 5 and a maximum of 10 institutions. In the case of the online application, even if you apply in minimum of 5 colleges, you will be charged Tk. 150 and if you apply in 10 colleges, you will be charged Tk. 150.

Step-2: Fill out the application form

For this step, you will need a smartphone or internet-enabled computer. Open Google Chrome or Firefox internet browser and go to this website  http://www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd/. The application can be made in maximum 10 colleges.

This time only online admission activities will be transferred. A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 colleges or madrasas can be applied for online. 150 will be taken for this.

But, no student can apply to more than 10 institutions. This time Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) will provide technical support in the HSC admission process.

Admission website:  xiclassadmission.gov.bd

Group Selection: Those who have passed the science group can be admitted in any department. Those who have passed from the humanities group will be admitted to the humanities as well as in the business studies group and the business study students will be admitted to the business studies and humanities departments.

How to process the application for admission in class XI through Mobile

1. Application through SMS can be applied only to maximum 10 colleges from Teletalk prepaid connection.

2. For this Go to the message option of mobile and type as follows-

CAD <space> Admission College / Madrasa EIIN <space> Admission Group Name First Two Letters <space> SSC / Equivalent Exam Pass Board Name’s First Three Letters <space> SSC / Equivalent Exam Pass Roll Number <space> SSC / Equivalent Exam Passing Year <space> SSC / Equivalent Exam Passing Registration Number <space> Admission Shift Name <space> Version <space> Quota Name (if any) & send it to 16222

Example: CAD 696954 SC DHA 123456 2020 1212665968 M B FQ

i. Here 696954 is -admitted college / equivalent institution EIIN 

ii. SC- The first two letters of the group name (Science = SC)

iii. DHA- The first three letters of the board name for passing SSC / Equivalent Examination.

iv. 123456- Roll number of the applicant for passing SSC / equivalent examination

v. 2020- Year of passing SSC / equivalent examination

vi. 1212665968- Registration number of the applicant for passing SSC / equivalent examination

vi. M- The first letter of the shift name.

vii. B- The first letter of  version 

viii. FQ- Freedom Fighter Quota.

3. Then you have to send the message to 16222.

Admitted group CODEs for SMS:

1. General Board:

SC for Science

HU for Humanities

BS for Business Studies

HS for Home Science

IS for Islamic Studies

MU for Music

2. Madrasa Board:

SC for Science

GE for General

MU for Muzabbid

HQ for Hifzul Quran

3. In case of shift:

M for Morning

D for Day

E and for evening

If there is no shift in the admitted college then N has to be written.

4. In case of version:

B for Bangla version and E for the English version.

5. In the case of quota:

FQ for Freedom Fighter Quota or Muktijoddha quota. Ministry of Education, subordinate departments of the Ministry of Education, teachers of their respective educational institutions, and members of the governing body of the institution should write EQ for the children quota and SQ for the special quota announced by the concerned institution.

If a student is eligible to apply for more than one quota, he/she should mention more than one quota with a comma (,). In the case of emigrant quota, PQ should be written.

***If there is no quota, you don’t have to write anything in place of quota.

Note that in the case of BKSP, departmental and district quota, the student will be considered automatically and no input has to be given to the student for this.

In the return SMS, a PIN will be provided stating the name of the applicant, EIIN and name of the college/madrasa, name of the group, and how much fee will be deducted for the shift.

If you agree to the application, you have to go to the Message option and write-

CAD <space> YES <space> PIN <space> CONTACT NUMBER (Any mobile number registered in the biometric system used by the student / parent) and send to 16222.

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For Open University students:

In the case of applicants passed from Open University, roll number and registration number will be considered the same. In this case, the ‘-’ sign included in the roll number should be ignored.

All Important Information About Class XI Admission 2020

Those who can be admitted: Apart from those who have passed SSC in 2018, 2019 and 2020, the candidates of 2018, 2019 and 2020 from Bangladesh Open University will be considered eligible for admission in class XI. The maximum age for admission from an open university will be 22 years.

Application Procedure: Can be applied online only.

Application Deadline: The application process starts from 6th June to 24th July (those who will apply for reconsideration must also apply within this period).

Application Verification Selection, Rejection, and Determinative Deadline: June 23 to June 26.

In case of a change of results only after re-examination, the application period will be from 06 to 16 June.

Publication of the results of the 1st merit list: The 1st merit list of the students nominated for admission will be published on 05 July by SMS and notice board or website of the respective educational institution as well as this link of the study BD.

Confirmation of Student Selection (If the student does not confirm, the 1st stage selection and application will be rejected): 09 to 16 June

2nd Phase Application Deadline: July 14 to July 16 (Students who have not been previously selected for admission to any educational institution – will be able to update their application without adding any fees). Although they have been selected for admission, they have not confirmed the admission – they will submit the application fee of Tk. 150 (via Teletalk / Rocket / SureCash). Here you will be able to, and those who have previously submitted an application fee, but did not apply, they will be able to apply.)

The results of the 1st migration according to the order of Choice will be published on 20 July

2nd Phase Student Selection Confirmation (2nd Selection and Application will be canceled if the student does not confirm): From 14th to 16th July.

3rd stage application Start:  July 22

Publication of the results of the 2nd migration according to the order of preference: 24 July

Publication of the results of the 3rd stage application: 24 July

3rd Level Student Selection Confirmation (Unless the student confirms 3rd Level Selection and application will be rejected): 24th to 26th July

Admission deadline: June 6 to July 24

Class start date: 16th August 2020

Online Application: Students have to apply online from this website – www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd

Students will be able to select 05 to 10 colleges of their choice in the online admission application.

Application Fee: In case of the online application, even if you apply in minimum of 5 colleges, you will be charged TK.150/- and if you apply in 10 colleges, you will be charged TK.150/-.

Documents required for admission in class XI 2020-2021

Necessary documents for admission in class XI are given below:

1. Original mark sheet or academic transcript of SSC.

2. Testimonial or Recommendation  Letter

3. Photocopy of registration card – 2 copies.

4. Photocopy of SSC exam admit card.

5. Passport size photo of the student – (4-6 copies) and stamp size photo (2 4).

6. Retirement Certificate (if there is a gap)

6. Quota Certificate (if any)

Answers to Some Questions related to Class XI Admission (FAQs)

Question-01: After making the initial application in class XI, can the college be changed?

Answer: Yes, it can be done. But, those who have applied through SMS will not be able to change colleges.

Question-02: Can the order of preference be changed from the choice list after applying?

Answer: Yes, after applying, you can change the order of preference from the choice list if necessary. There is no problem with why you do not apply.

Question-03: How many times can the application be changed after application and what is the last date?

 Answer: The application can be amended a maximum of five (05) times since the application and the last date of this amendment is 22/07/2020.

Question-04: Can I apply both online and SMS?

A: Yes, a student can apply both SMS and online. But, the application can be made to a maximum of 5 colleges through SMS.

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