NTRCA Exam Preparation

Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) Exam Preparation

NTRCA means Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority. This teacher registration exams are held every year. Every year millions of students and educated unemployed people take part in this test. Teacher registration exams usually last up to 35 years. Teacher registration exams have changed a lot over time, the competition has increased a lot. Teachers cannot be on the merit list if they do not get good marks in the registration test. So to do well in this competitive exam we need to know how to properly prepare for the teacher registration exam so that the syllabus can be completed even if the time is short.

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Non-Government Teachers Registration Exam Preparation

All updated and latest job circular and news will be published on our website regularly. So always browse www.bdjobsworld.com for all govt jobs, private jobs, NGO jobs, and bank jobs. Also, we try to give the best suggestion and guidelines for success in competitive exams like NTRCA. You can find more details from the menu sections of the website. So now let’s talk about this NTRCA teacher’s exam preparation in detail.

Time does not stop for anyone. In this NTRCA exam, there are three-phase that you have to pass. The preliminary test, written test, and viva test. The written test comes after the preliminary test. So if you prepare well with a little attention in advance, you can get good marks in both primary and written exams and stay at the top of the merit list. After the written the final viva comes in.  And we all want good preparation to do the test well. Let’s read the teacher registration exam preparation guideline without delay. Hopefully, this guideline will benefit the students.

NTRCA Exam Preparation
NTRCA Exam Preparation

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NTRCA Teacher Registration Exam Preparation: Exam Method

The examination system has changed since the thirteenth NTRCA teacher registration examination. BCS exams like teacher registration exams are usually conducted in this way. First the selection test, then the written test, and finally the viva (oral) test. In the preliminary or selection test, one has to take part in the 100 marks MCQ test. The questions come from Bengali, English, mathematics, and general knowledge. A total of 100 marks out of 25 from each subject. The pass mark is 40. The value of each question is 1 but 0.50 marks can be deducted for the wrong answer. The school and college-level syllabus are almost the same, but a little more study is needed for the college level.

NTRCA Teacher Registration Exam Preparation: What to Read

To prepare for the Nongovernment Teacher Registration Exam, you need to prepare separately for each subject. Because everything is equally important. Nothing can be avoided. But it seems more important to discuss what needs to be read or maintained. Moreover, the syllabus is given on the website of NTRCA for each examination. You have to study according to the syllabus. Also, you can find the syllabus browsing the www.bdjobsworld.com job portal website.

NTRCA Teacher Registration Exam Preparation: Subject Wise Preparation


Total marks-25

The grammar part is very important to do well in the Bengali part. The question comes from the grammar part of both school and college. So it’s clear how important this part is. We first need to know which part of the grammar the question comes from. For  Bangla part you should read:

the grammatical question is from this part of the subject,

  • Combination,
  • Transliteration,
  • Decision,
  • Definition,
  • Prefix And Suffix,
  • Synonyms And Antonyms,
  • Sentence Compression,
  • Idiom,
  • Punctuation,
  • Correct Spelling,
  • Gender Change,
  • Terminology.

Ninth and tenth-grade board books should be read well for the school level. For a college-level registration exam, you have to do more study. Here ninth-tenth grade board books and eleventh and twelfth-grade books must be read. Know the name and identity of the author of the prose and the verse. You can read more in the Bengali part of a good teacher registration guide.

NTRCA Teacher Registration Exam Preparation: Subject Wise Preparation


Total marks-25

To do well in the English part you need to practice the grammar part repeatedly. Some parts of English grammar always come from:

  • Right from of verb,
  • tense,
  • preposition,
  • parts of speech,
  • voice, narration,
  • spelling,
  • sentence correction

These are very effective. Also, phrases and idols, synonyms, synonyms need to be memorized or practiced more and more. You have to read Bengali to Bengali and Bengali to English translation. You can practice from a good guide. And last year’s question is a must-read

NTRCA Teacher Registration Exam Preparation: Subject Wise Preparation


Total Marks-25

Mathematics parts need to be practiced as always to do well. Practicing math every day makes it much easier to answer in a short time. In mathematics, questions come from arithmetic, algebra and geometry.

Arithmetic – from measurements and units, unit rules, interest rates, ratios, percentages, profits and losses, and fractions.

Algebra – Formulas and applications of productive, square and cube formulas, real problem solving, formation and application of algebraic formulas, application of formulas and indicators, and logarithms.

Geometry – triangles, quadrilaterals, squares, rhombuses, circles. Many times the question also comes from the source. At the college level, the question comes from trigonometry parameters.

Good results are obtained by practicing board books in eighth and ninth-tenth grades to do well in mathematics. Also, a good guide book can follow as expected.

NTRCA Teacher Registration Exam Preparation: Subject Wise Preparation

General Knowledge

Total marks-25

More questions in the general knowledge section come from the issue of Bangladesh. In this case, the Bangladesh issues of the MP3 series are very useful. From there you have to catch the matter and throw it away. And in the international arena, more questions come from different countries, currencies, capitals, days, awards and honors, sports. These topics can be read from the international series of the MP3 or professors series. It is important to read current issues for recent current affairs. Because they publish monthly recent news on it. It is possible to do well in this part only if you make it a habit to read magazines regularly.

NTRCA Teacher Registration Exam Preparation: Subject Wise Preparation

Computer Science

To do well in science and computers, you have to master the basics well. And it is possible to stay ahead if you solve last year’s questions. Last year’s questions come up a lot of the time. A guide book can be used to make this part better. You can read nine and tenth computer books properly for school-level exams. For college-level, you have to read eleventh and twelfth level computer books. Then you can make a good result in this section.

NTRCA Teacher Registration Exam Preparation: Written Exam Preparation

Candidates who have passed the Preliminary Examination have to take part in the 3 hours written examination of 100 marks in their respective subjects. Books in the ninth-tenth grade for the school level and for the written test at the college level can be done by studying the respective subjects at the honors level. There are also books available in the market for various types of written tests. In this case, you can read the book of the NTRCA teacher series of recruitment of NTRCA school teachers/college lecturers of Professors Publications. It will give you a good idea about the written test in a short time. Moreover, the most important thing is to solve last year’s question. Solving last year’s question will get you a good idea and get good marks in the exam. The written test question pattern is given below –

  • There will be 5 composition questions,
  • The value of each question is 15,
  • There are 5 short questions,
  • The value of each short question will be 5,
  • There will also be alternatives to each question.

NTRCA Teacher Registration Exam Preparation: Viva Exam Preparation

After the written exam, you have to sit for the final viva test. Here you have to submit all your documents. And then you have to answer the question the interviewer asks you. The total marks will be 20. 12 for the documents that candidates submit and 8 for the right and for the asking question. The candidate has to get 40% of the total marks to pass for the viva exam. Otherwise, he will fail the exam.

Be careful

  • If you prepare for the last 5th 14th Teacher Registration Exam Questions and the 10th 39th BCS Preliminary Questions, 40 percent of the questions are likely to be common.
  • You can take part in the written test only if you get 40 percent marks in the preliminary test.
  • The preliminary examination number will not have any effect in the case of teacher recruitment guidance. This is just a test of eligibility to take part in the next step (written test)
  • As a helpful book for preliminary preparation, you can keep Professor’s NTRCA Teacher Registration Exam Preparation, MP3 Series Current Affairs collection.

It is possible to get good results in teacher registration tests by reading these subjects. There is no substitute for studying for a job that you do not pass. You need to give 7-8 hours per day to study. Pray to the Creator in the study area so that your efforts are not in vain. Keep up the good work. Success will come. For more job and preparation updates keep visiting the BDJOBSWORLD website. We will alert you with the least and best job notification. Hope you have enjoyed the article from the first to last. Finally, good luck with the NTRCA Teacher Registration Examiners for the upcoming exam.



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