Best Preparation of recruitment exam for Combined banks and financial institutions 2020

Preparation of recruitment exam for Combined banks

Bangladesh Bank publishes circulars for recruitment to various posts in banks and financial institutions. Now most of them are members of the Bankers’ Selection Committee. And through competitive examinations, the committee checks the capability of the candidates. If you want to pass this competitive exam, you have to be tactful. Because in all these exams, many candidates want to stay ahead with good preparation. So you also have to prepare well to survive in competition with everyone.

Preparation of recruitment exam for Combined banks
Preparation of recruitment exam for Combined banks

Recruitment Exam System

The recruitment test for Combined banks and financial institutions is conducted in three stages. In the first stage, the preliminary examination is done at 100 marks, in the MCQ method. In the second stage, written test number 200 and at the end of all Viva (number 25).

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In the preliminary examination, a total of 100 marks were asked on- 

  • Bengali, 
  • English, 
  • Mathematics, 
  • General Knowledge, 
  • Computer Knowledge and Information Technology. 

In this case, usually 30 marks in Mathematics, 25 marks in English, 20 marks in Bengali, 15 marks in General Knowledge, and 10 marks in Computer Information Technology. For each wrong answer, 0.25 will be deducted from the number obtained.

Preparation-table According to the faculty

At present, the recruitment test of the bank is faculty-based. When it is known which faculty handles the examination, the final preparation can be made in that light. Tests are usually conducted under IBA, BUET, UST, etc.

Looking at the past questions, it is necessary to understand the type of questions of which faculty, which questions come from which topics in the examination.

At the beginning of the preparation for this, it is necessary to collect from the market the books containing the questions (with solutions) of the last year based on the faculty.

Do not neglect anything

Nothing can be neglected in a bank job test. But, extra importance should be given to mathematics and English. To be bad at one thing means to be behind others. There are still a few months to go before the test. Now, strong preparation must be taken on all issues.

No more fear of math

There is no way to succeed in a bank job test without being proficient in mathematics. The probable time for the preliminary examination of combined banks and financial institutions will be in the next six-seven months after the circular is published. So job seekers have enough time to prepare. For this, from now on you have to practice maths regularly for three-four hours every day.

If you can practice maths regularly, the fear of maths will go away in the next six months. Those whose basics in mathematics are weak can start preparing from mathematics books for seventh to tenth class.

Fear of English – You must win

If you want to get a job in a bank, you have to overcome the fear of English. English is very important for any job, not just banking. If you are afraid of English, make friends with English books to overcome this fear from today.

Read the morning vocabulary, as a rule, every day. Revise those vocabularies again as you read the next day.

An exclusive book of synonyms and antonyms can be used to prepare vocabulary. Also, make it a habit to read English magazines every day. Make a note of the unknown words. You can read Cliffs Toefl I Barron’s Toefl slowly for grammar. Practice last year’s questions from the conventional guide books of the market. Hopefully, you can overcome the fear of English.

Must be given importance in Bangla too

In the preliminary examination, questions like 20 are usually asked from ‘Bangla’. So if you want to get higher marks, you have to give importance to Bengali.

In the Bengali part, questions are usually asked from grammar and literature. The ninth-tenth grade board grammar book should be read very well to prepare for the grammar part.

You have to memorize it in one word. There are more questions about

  • language,
  • sounds,
  • letters,
  • conjunctions,
  • verbs and inflections,
  • distinctions,
  • utterances,
  • word types,
  • gender,
  • sentences,
  • idioms,
  • expressions in one word, etc.

So we have to pay more attention to these issues. But, there are some things that should not be relied on for ninth-tenth grade grammar books, but a lot of preparation should be done. In this case. The book ‘Bangla Language and Literature Jignasa’ written by Soumitra Shekhar can be read.

And the topics that need to be read are — synonyms, antonyms, idioms, spellings, word application-misapplication, monosyllabic expression, proverbs, etc.

Some subjects of grammar and literature are not remembered.

Fewer questions usually come from literature. In the literature section, the questions that came up in the various recruitment exams of the last year are good

Must be read. Apart from this, it is necessary to have a thorough idea about the biographies and literary works of important poets and writers. Also, their various poems and novels, quotes, names of famous magazine editors, and the year of publication.

Test yourself with the model exam as much as you can

Test the model as much as you can before the test. Also, try to take part in other recruitment exams during this time. If that test is good, pass; Then it is good. And if you don’t pass, at least the preparation phase will be over.

Model tests of different groups of Facebook are taken through social media, there can be participation. And if you don’t have any of these opportunities, then take your own model test at home.

Combine all your talents and hard work to keep yourself away from negative things. Hard work never goes in vain.



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