Primary Assistant Teacher Job Exam Preparation

Primary Assistant Teacher Job Exam Preparation

The government’s primary school teacher job is an attractive job in Bangladesh. There are a huge number of people who are eagerly waiting for the job circular. Though the education department has declared that the primary job circular will be published soon so all have to start their preparation.

But do you know how you can prepare yourself for this primary assistant teacher job exam? If no, then read the full post till the end and get the full idea on the government school teacher job exam in the primary.

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Primary Assistant Teacher Job Exam Preparation
Primary Assistant Teacher Job Exam Preparation

Govt. Primary School Teacher Job Preparation

So what we are here for today? We hope that you have known about the primary assistant teacher job exam in Bangladesh. There is a large number of students who are trying to get a government job like primary school teachers. But the majority can not do their best. Thus they are failing to reach their goals. With this in mind, today we are writing about this passionate job circular. This govt primary assistant school teacher job preparation is much needed for all. So read carefully each point so that you can know the details. You can know how job candidates who want to work in government primary schools will prepare.

The Department of Primary and Mass Education is talking about publishing the notice of recruitment of primary assistant teachers. The department said that a big circular will be issued for the recruitment of about 40,000 teachers. But, in the beginning, it was known that 26,000 teachers would be recruited.

Yet, it is learned that big selections will be made to create more new posts. The primary school teacher recruitment test is a long day effort of many unemployed. So those who want to get this job try a little more. And so today we are here for them.

Today we have come up with this preparatory event for those who are interested in becoming primary assistant teachers. Here today we will discuss in detail how you can prepare well to become a govt primary school teacher in a short time. So stay tuned and learn all about preparing for the primary assistant teacher recruitment exam.

Primary Assistant Teacher Exam Preparation: Qualification

All the qualifications for government primary school teacher jobs will be the same. The age and documentation all. But the news is, the educational requirements may be changed from this year. Previous year the HSC passed female students allowed to sit for the primary teacher exam. And Bachelor Pass course and honors pass male were qualified for that test. But from this year the educational qualification is upgraded. All the students (male/female) have to qualify with minimum degree pass certification. Though it is still not confirmed the departmental person has said about it. So you have to wait for the circular for the confirmation about this.

Primary Assistant Teacher Exam Preparation: Test Method

Will you participate in the primary school teacher Job exam?

Know the exam method:

According to the previous job exam, you have to pass 2 test methods for this primary teacher job. They are:

  1. MCQ (Multiple Choice Question)  Exam- 80 Marks
  2. VIVA Exam-20 Marks

But this time after the MCQ test you have to sit for 200 marks written test. Though the declaration is still not confirmed we will discuss based on previous exam syllabus and pattern. 

Primary Assistant Teacher Exam Preparation: MCQ Exam

MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) Exam- 80 Marks

The content of the primary assistant school teacher and pre-primary assistant school teacher recruitment examination is the same as last year. But, this time the pattern and the quality of the primary job exam question will develop. In the previous written test, questions were asked from the secondary level. This time there will be a change in the questions paper. Because there may be questions that will come from the higher secondary level also. There will be a total of 100 marks including 80 written and 20 marks oral tests. The written test will be taken in a multiple-choice or MCQ system. Questions will be asked on Bengali, English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge.

There will be a total of 80 MCQ questions, 20 from each subject. Marks of each question will be 1. Be careful, the question will have negative marking. The number 0.25 can be deducted for a wrong answer. As a result, if you answer four questions incorrectly,  1 mark can be deducted. So it would not be right to answer any question without being sure. This mistake can be avoided with a little caution. There will be 60 minutes allotted for MCQ questions. That means nearly one minute will be available for each question.

Primary School Teacher Exam: Mark Distribution Table

MCQ Mark Distribution

Bengali20 Marks
English20 Marks
Mathematics20 Marks
General Knowledge + Daily Science + Computer20 marks
Total80 Marks
  • Time: 1 hour (60 Minutes)
  • 1 mark will be deducted for each correct answer and 0.25 for each incorrect answer.

We will suggest that questions that can be easily answered should be highlighted at the outset. No time can be wasted on any question, difficult questions have to be left to be answered later. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. But, if two wrong answers can be found out of the four options, one of the remaining two can be chosen. Many people are hesitant about the answer to the known question. The first time it seems right, the answer is more likely to be right! It will work if you solve the questions of the past years. You can also see the questions of the BCS Preliminary Examination to verify yourself. Remember that the primary school exam question is one of the best standard job exam questions in the govt job sector. So if you want to get the best marks from the question, you have to make the best preparation before sitting the exam.

Primary Assistant Teacher Job Preparation: What To Read And How To Read

Bangla-20 marks

Bangla Literature-3 Marks

Bangla Grammar-17 Marks

First of all, let’s talk about  Bangla. In the Bangla part, more emphasis should be laid on grammar. All the chapters of the grammar book prepared by the board of eighth and ninth-tenth class should be read well with examples. You need to know about the literary works and biographies of poets and writers. It will be very helpful to read the author’s introduction or literary introduction part of the SSC board book. PSC will read about 11 writers. From grammar comes the question of

  • language,
  • letters,
  • words,
  • conjunctions,
  • participles,
  • inflections,
  • prefixes,
  • adjectives,
  • metals,
  • conjunctions,
  • spelling corrections,
  • technical words,
  • synonyms,
  • antonyms,
  • idioms,
  • expressions in one word.

In the literary part, the question may come from the name of the poet, referring to the author of the story or novel, the line of the poem.

All these topics are covered in the BCS Preliminary Digest book or in any other guide. You can read it from there.

English-20 marks

More emphasis needs to be placed on English grammar. Because there have been more questions from the grammar in the past years. Questions come from English grammar

  • Right forms of the verb,
  • Tense,
  • Preposition,
  • Parts of Speech,
  • Voice,
  • Narration,
  • Spelling,
  • Sentence Correction.

Read these grammar topics with examples from Advanced Learners by Chowdhury and Hossain or any other grammar book. Phrase and Idioms, Synonym, Antonym.

English to Bengali translation is also required. Thus, you can solve the questions of various government recruitment exams in the 2015-last year. You can read the English part of the BCS Preliminary Digest book well.

Mathematics -20 marks

Arithmetic-8/9 marks

Algebra-5/6 Marks

Geometry-5 Marks

Marks are relatively easy to find in this part. You need to practice math for 2-3 hours every day. Questions come from arithmetic measurements and unit, unit rules, ratios, percentages, interest rates, profit and loss, fractions. There are questions from the general formulas of algebra. You have to practice extracting the fruit by applying it orally and formulas. So that the result can be found by applying the formula as soon as the question is seen. Practice applying general formulas and formulas for triangles, quadrilaterals, squares, rhombuses, circles, etc. for geometry. At the secondary level, it would be better to follow textbooks such as eighth and ninth-tenth grade math books.

Understand the math part from the digest well.

General Knowledge -20 Marks

Bangladesh 7/8 Marks

International-5/6 Marks

Recent 5/6 marks

Recently, questions have been raised about the independence of Bangladesh, the history of its rise, and national issues. In the international part, questions related to South Asia and Asia are more prevalent. Questions come from

  • sports,
  • international organizations,
  • awards,
  • National & International days, etc.

Questions related to general science and technology such as various discoveries, diseases, different food properties, computers, information, and communication technology can come. You can read today’s world, MP3, New World for the preparation of general knowledge. There are more questions from Bangladesh in recent times. In particular, the events that took place in the national and international world in one year should be given more importance. For this, you have to read General Knowledge Monthly Current Affairs or Current World.

There are also questions from computers and ICT. You will master the basics of computer and ICT well. If you read the questions that came in the various exams for science, ICT, and computer in the 2015-last year, you can get some common ones. 

Viva Exam: -20 marks

Only those who pass the written test will be called for the oral test. There will be 20 marks in the oral examination. 5 Marks will be on academic results or educational qualifications. Extra curriculum (dance, song, acting, recitation) will be allocated 5 marks. The remaining 10 marks will be on general knowledge. For general knowledge in the oral examination, the candidate can have an idea about the size, population, culture, history, politics, etc. of the post or Upazila of his district.

Primary School Teacher Job Preparation: Question Pattern

In the past few years, the written test of several districts was canceled due to allegations of leaking and irregularities in the question papers of the primary teacher recruitment test. Meritorious candidates are affected due to the leaking of question papers. Thus, for the first time in the country, the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has prepared for the recruitment test in the digital method, excluding the traditional method. The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education announced that a question bank has already been set up. From there, 9 sets of 80 impersonal questions will be selected for the exam. The serial number of questions in each set will be different. Questions will be sent to each district via email on the morning of the test day. In the presence of the Magistrate, one copy of the question will be printed and photocopied and sent to each examination center by 2 pm.

So we have presented to you the details of govt primary assistant school teacher job exam preparation. Now you can start your study based on the marking and syllabus that can help you guide you in the right direction. We always try to give you the best path for job preparation. So always visit our Bsjobswrold job portal site. You can find all the updated job posts here. Also, you can join our Facebook group to know more about the activities. Keep reading with the best idea over the direction and guidelines. Best of luck. 

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