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Top 10 Public University in Bangladesh

Public University Bangladesh In the general sense of education, It is a unique method. Education is a system where the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are passed from one generation to another. Through teaching, training, and research education makes itself appropriate. And to maintain this flow of education, there are schools, colleges, universities. Not only in the world but also in all developing countries as in our country. Universities like schools and colleges have also been divided into three different sections. Such as – public, private, international. Among them are some of the best universities.

The number of public universities in Bangladesh is 45. There are 104 private universities and 2 international universities. Out of these some are totally different from others. The names of the top 10 public universities in Bangladesh have been stated based on the quality of the study, past results, and reputation.  Today we will discuss the top 10 universities in Bangladesh. The names of the 10 universities are mentioned below-


10) Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST)

Also known as Shabiprabi or SUST. A public university located in Kumargaon, Sylhet, Bangladesh. The medium of instruction at the university is English. It is one of the largest science and technology universities in Asia.

Shabiprabi is one of the richest universities in Bangladesh in terms of information technology. The university introduced integrated honors courses for the first time in Bangladesh. And introduced the semester system (American semester system) in undergraduate courses from the 1996-97 session. Has been providing information services since its start. It is the first science and technology university in the country.

Faculty and Department

Shabiprabi has 26 departments under 8 faculties. According to the founding plan, there are plans to open more than one department under 6 faculties. The company has already received approval to open a software engineering department.

9) Rajshahi University (RU)

It is the second-largest university in the country located in the Rajshahi division of Bangladesh. It was established on July 8  in 1953. The current number of students of Rajshahi University is about 40 thousand. Known as Cambridge in the East, the university is located 5 km from Rajshahi city on the Dhaka-Rajshahi highway.

Faculty and Department

Rajshahi University has 59 departments under 10 faculties and 41 affiliated educational institutions. Of which 11 are government and 24 are private.

8) Bangladesh Textile University (BUTEX)

Bangladesh University of Textiles; abbreviated as ‘BUTEX’ is a leading government engineering university in Bangladesh. It is the first and only public university in the country in textile engineering education. In 1921, during the British rule, an institution called ‘Weaving School’ was started in Narinda, Dhaka. In the course of time, the institution has become Bangladesh Textile University today. It was renamed the East Pakistan Textile Institute in 1950 after the government of Pakistan came to power. Later in 1980, the institution was shifted to the present campus of the Tejgaon Industrial Area. A four-year B.Sc. a course was introduced here in 1986. And it was renamed as ‘College of Textile Engineering and Technology’ (CTET). Considering the importance of the garment industry in the country’s ongoing economic, the bill was passed unanimously in the National Assembly in 2010 when it was proposed to turn the Textile Institute into a university.

7) Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)

 It is a higher education institution in the field of agriculture in Bangladesh. It is located in Mymensingh city. Bangladesh Agricultural University is the highest educational and research school in the country. It covers all branches of agronomy. The main objective of this university is to produce skilled agronomists, zoologists, technologists, and agricultural engineers. They provide all the theoretical and practical knowledge from the base courses. So that they are capable of carrying the responsibility of agricultural development in the country through the provision of quality higher agricultural education systems.

6) Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET)

 One of the leading government engineering universities in Bangladesh. It is located in the Chittagong district of the southeastern Chittagong division. It is located at Raozan police station, 25 km from Chittagong city. Its previous name was Bangladesh Institute of Technology (BIT), Chittagong. After a long period it is named Chittagong Engineering College. About four and a half thousand students study engineering, architecture, urban planning, and science at undergraduate and postgraduate levels here.

Faculty and Department

Chittagong University of Engineering (CUET) currently has 13 departments under 5 faculties.

5) Jahangirnagar University (JNU)

It is one of the only and only fully residential public universities in Bangladesh. The company is located in the Savar area near Dhaka with an area of ​​about 698.58 acres. Although the university was established in 1980, its activities started in 1982. The university has faculties of Arts and Humanities, Mathematics, and Physics. Also Social Sciences, Biology, Business Education and Law, and 4 institutes. The name of the current vice-chancellor of Jahangirnagar University. Farzana Islam. Vice-Chancellor Dr. Farzana Islam has been serving as the first female Vice-Chancellor of a public university in Bangladesh since March 2, 2014.

Faculty and Department

At present the university has 35 departments under 8 faculties.

4) University of Chittagong (CU)

The Government Multi-Faculty Research University of Bangladesh located in Chittagong. It was established in 1986 in Hathazari Upazila of Chittagong district. It is the third-largest university in the country in terms of campus size. As of 2019, the university has approximately 26,739 students and 72 teachers.

Before the independence of Bangladesh, this university became the center of the progressive and democratic movement in the then East Pakistan. At that time, the teachers and students of the university played a central role in the rise of Bengali nationalism and the independence of Bangladesh.

Faculty and Department

Chittagong University currently has 52 departments in 9 faculties.

3) Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET)

One of the best engineering universities in Bangladesh. It is located in the Khulna district of the Khulna division of southern Bangladesh. Formerly it was called Bangladesh Institute of Technology, Khulna and before that, Khulna College of Engineering. It is one of the best universities in Bangladesh. About 6,000 students are studying undergraduate and postgraduate engineering and science here. The number of teachers here is more than 320. Besides, there are 132 officers and 292 employees. Some new buildings have been constructed to expand the campus of the university. Such as academic buildings, auditorium complex, dormitory, library, teacher dormitory building, etc. and some more buildings are under construction. The university campus is 14 km from Khulna city. It is located at Fulbari Gate on the northside of Jessore-Khulna highway.

Faculty and Department

Kuwait has a total of 20 departments under 3 faculties. Among them, bachelor’s degrees are awarded from 16 departments.

2) Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)

It is one of the leading engineering-related higher education institutions in Bangladesh. It is located in the Palashi area of ​​Dhaka city. In 18, the then British Raj started an institution called Dhaka Survey School. The purpose was to impart technical education to the government employees of British India at that time. In 1905, the then Khwaja Ahsanullah of Dhaka became interested in the school and donated Rs. 1.12 lakh to the school for the advancement of Muslim education.

Faculty and Department

BUET currently has 16 departments under 5 faculties.

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1) Dhaka University (DU)

An autonomous government university in Bangladesh located at Shahbag in Dhaka. It is known as a multi-faculty research university. It was established in 1921 in the then British India following the Oxbridge education system. Initially, it was recognized as the Oxford of the East in the context of strict quality control by various eminent scholars and scientists. A specialty of Dhaka University is that it had a special contribution to make Bangladesh independent. Where the government of the country established a university, Dhaka University made a special contribution to the establishment of Bangladesh.

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Dhaka University teachers have won the highest number of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences medals. Also, it is the only university in Bangladesh to be ranked in the top 100 by Asia Week. It is ranked 64th among the top 100 universities in Asia. There are about 36,000 students and 1,605 teachers

Top 10 public universities in Bangladesh

01) Dhaka University (DU)

02) Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)

03) Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET)

04) University of Chittagong (CU)

05) Jahangirnagar University (JNU)

08) Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET)

08) Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)

08) Bangladesh Textile University (BUTEX)

09) Rajshahi University (RU)

10) Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST)

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