Top 10 Colleges in Dhaka

Top 10 Colleges in Dhaka | Best Colleges in Dhaka for HSC Admission

Top 10 Colleges in Dhaka , There are many colleges in the magic city of Dhaka. Every year they get the best results in the country. Again, many people think that studying in these colleges means that life is set. In fact, all the best people in the country come out of these colleges. After analyzing the SSC results and the performance of the past days, the names of the top 10 colleges of Dhaka were revealed.

Top 10 Collefe in Dhaka

1. RAJUK Uttara Model College

RAJUK Uttara Model College is an educational institution located in the Uttara area of ​​Dhaka city in Bangladesh. Established in 1994, the school has already become one of the best educational institutions in Bangladesh. It is the top college in Dhaka. RAJUK Uttara Model College was established in 1994 on about 4 and a half acres of land in Uttara of the capital under the direct control and management of the Ministry of Education in collaboration with RAJUK. The construction of the main academic building was completed in early 1994. The then-Prime Minister Khaleda Zia inaugurated the college branch in the 1994-95 academic year. Another development plan was adopted in 1995 due to lack of infrastructural facilities and in 2001 the campus was given its present appearance. RAJUK started Uttara Model College with a branch (Prabhati). But to cope with the pressure of more students, the day branch was later introduced in the school in 2003 on the advice of the government.

  • Establishment date: 1994
  • Activities started: the same year
  • Motto: Education to be human
  • Founder: Capital Development Authority and Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  • Former Principal: Brigadier General MM Salehin
  • Current Principal: Brigadier General Kazi Shawkat Alam
  • Authority: College Board of Directors
  • Employees: 99 people
  • Number of students: 4632
  • Board of Education: Dhaka Board of Education
  • Contact: Road # 63, Sector # 6, Uttara, Dhaka. Hello: 69548, 6916198, 891280-115
  • Web Address: RAJUK Uttara Model College

2. Adamjee Cantonment College

Adamjee Cantonment College is an educational institution located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is run by the army. The college started its journey as a school on February 16, 1980. The institution was established under the direction of the Army and with the funding of the late industrialist Gul Mohammad Adamji in the style of the original public schools in England, Eton and Harrow. Before independence, English was the medium of instruction in this institution. In that light, the first two principals of the college were British citizens. After independence, Bengali became the medium of instruction. Education, discipline, and ethics – these three are the key. In 1995, the Adamjee Cantonment College branch was separated from the school branch. At present, there are Honors, Masters, and BBA courses in English, Economics, Political Science, Accounting, and Management also to education in Science, Humanities, and Business in the higher secondary classes.

The institution started its journey as an English medium school on 16 February 1980. Its founder was Gul Mohammad Adamji, one of the businessmen of Pakistan at that time. The building was designed by famous architect Thariani and built by Omar & Sons Limited. The then President of Pakistan Field Marshal Ayub Khan laid the foundation stone of the organization. And a strong Board of Governors was formed headed by the GOC of the then Eastern Command of the Army. The activities of this school started according to the criteria of British public schools. After independence, the Bengali medium was introduced here. It is the best college in Dhaka as well as in Bangladesh.

  • Establishment date: 18 February 1980
  • Motto: Come in search of knowledge, go back to the service of the country
  • Founder: Gul Mohammad Adamji
  • Model: Eaton & Harrow Public Schools in England
  • Current Principal: Brigadier General Mohammad Hafizur Rahman
  • Authority: Bangladesh Army
  • Board of Education: Dhaka Board of Education
  • Contact: Banani Sainik Club, Mohakhali, Old Airport, Kachukhet, Mirpur-14, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka. Hello: 60-2-62448, Email:
  • Web Address: Adamjee Cantonment College




3. National Ideal College

National Ideal College is a higher secondary institution located in Khilgaon police station. It was founded in 2001 by the Ideal Foundation.

The college provides education for boys and girls in the science, commerce and humanities departments. Classes are taken in residential buildings. There are various buildings of the college in Khilgaon. The college has been participating in HSC examinations since 2003. But, despite the college’s success in HSC examinations, it has been criticized for suspending students in academic years due to persistent poor results in internal examinations. You can find it by searching for the top 10 colleges in Dhaka city for Science. 

  • Establishment date: 2001
  • Type of organization: Private
  • Motto: Read in the name of your Lord
  • Founder: Ideal Foundation
  • Campus: Apartment building
  • Current Principal: Maksud Uddin
  • Authority: College Board of Directors
  • Board of Education: Dhaka Board of Education
  • Contact: Shahid Baki Road, Khilgaon, Dhaka. Hello: 02-55120299
  • Web Address: Not found. See the Dhaka Education Board page.

4. Viqarunnisa Noon College

Viqarunnisa Noon School & College is a reputed school for girls located in Bailey Road, Dhaka. In 1952, Vikar Un Nisa Noon, the wife of Feroz Khan Noon, the then Governor of the East Pakistan Province of Pakistan (now independent Bangladesh), established the school in Dhaka with the aim of starting a modern educational institution for girls and the school is named after her. The Viqarunnisa School has a bond to the history of the subcontinent in certain cases. It is now ranked first among the renowned schools in Bangladesh.

The name of the school originates from the birth of the Austrian woman Viqarunnisa Noon. After her marriage to Feroze Khan Noon in 1945, she converted to Islam and changed her name from Victoria to Vikarunnisa Noon. The Nun family established this school for girls only in 1951 as part of their contribution to social development in various ways. At the time of the school’s founding, the Nun family set up a fund to contribute to the spread of education. From which Pakistani students interested in higher education were given the necessary help. It includes scholarships, to go to Oxford and Cambridge universities in the UK. But the fund was not affiliated with the Viqarunnisa Noon School. This is the top-ranking college in Bangladesh according to girls college and the best college ranking in Dhaka. 

  • Establishment date: 1952
  • Type of organization: Private
  • Gender: Student
  • Founder: Vikar Un Nisa Noon (wife of the 7th Prime Minister of Pakistan Feroz Khan Noon)
  • Motto: Light Through Learning
  • Main Branch: Bailey Road, Dhaka
  • Other Branches: Dhanmondi, Azimpur, Bashundhara Residential Area, Dhaka.
  • Current Principal: Fauzia Rezwan
  • Authority: College Board of Directors
  • Number of students in the main branch: 12000
  • Number of students in other branches: 24000
  • Board of Education: Dhaka Board of Education
  • Contact: Main Branch: 1 / A, New Bailey Road, Dhaka-1000, Phone: 02-58310500; Azimpur Branch: 101, Pilkhana Road, Azimpur, Dhaka. Phone- 02-9666359; Dhanmondi Branch: House-08, Road-08, Dhanmondi Residential Area, Dhaka. Phone- 02-96668080; Bashundhara Branch: Block-F, 161 / A, Bashundhara Residential Area, Dhaka. Phone- 02-55037424
  • Web Address: Viqarunnisa Noon College

5. Notre Dame College

Notre Dame College is a higher education institution located in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Notre Dame College was founded by the Christian clergy of the Holy Cross Association. In 2019, the college has completed 60 years. At present, it is located at Motijheel-Arambagh near Kamalapur railway station. It is one of the top-ranking colleges in Dhaka even in Bangladesh.

Notre Dame College was established in November 1949 by the Roman Catholic clergy at the decision of the Holy Cross in Laxmibazar, Dhaka. Initially known as St. Gregory’s College, it was an extension of St. Gregory’s School. It was shifted to Arambagh in 1954. It was then renamed Notre Dame College.

The college initially started teaching Arts and Commerce. But later introduced BA in 1955 and B.Sc in 1960. Notre Dame College became affiliated with the University of Dhaka in 1950. In 1959, it achieved remarkable success in the examinations of various universities in the then East Pakistan and was recognized as the best college in the then East Pakistan. At present, it is considered as one of the top colleges in the country. It has always been at the forefront of the college rankings in Bangladesh.

  • Date of establishment: November 1949
  • Old name: St. Gregory College
  • Old location: Lakshibazar, Dhaka
  • Founder: Christian pastor of the Roman Catholic clergy and the Holy Cross
  • Previous Principal: Father Benjamin Costa
  • The current principal: Dr. Father Hemant Pius Rosario
  • Language: Bengali and English
  • Clubs: Notre Dame Debating Club, Notre Dame Science Club, Notre Dame Outward Bound Adventure Club, Notre Dame Rover Team, Notre Dame Business Club, Notre Dame Chess Club, Notre Dame Humanitarian Association, Notre Dame Nature Study Club, Notre Dame Crescent Notre Dame Club, Notre Dame Drama Team, Notre Dame Récitation Team, Rotaract Club of Notre Dame Collège, etc.
  • Number of students: 6000+
  • Board of Education: Dhaka Board of Education
  • Contact: Arambagh, Motijheel, Dhaka. Hello: +880 193 3322 532
  • Web Address: Notre Dame College

6. Shamsul Haque Khan School and College

This college is known as “Shamsul Haque Khan College“. There are classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and general rooms with modern facilities. The college has been recognized as one of the best colleges in the country as a result of being free from political instability.

Shamsul Haque Khan School and College is a campus of Demra next to Dhaka city. The position of this organization on the map of Bangladesh may be like a dot. Whatever the point, the point is also Indus if it has speed. A great educational institution has an educational history. It influences the environment, society, homeland, and builds a healthy, chained cultural environment. The environment of a particular place in the average educational institution. His proud path inspires the conscious class of the region to dream of diamonds. So it is not the geographical value of a large-scale school that matters but its historical and cultural value. The history of a particular institution means the history of the formation of a society, the history of the creation of youth, and intelligent engineering. Anyoneone can choose it as the best college in Dhaka for Science. But commerce and humanities are all preferable for its strong study guidelines. 

  • Establishment date: 1989
  • Founder: Alhaj Md. Samsul Haq Khan
  • President: Alhaj Mahfuzur Rahman Mollah Shyamal
  • Principal: Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah
  • Type of institution: Private college
  • Language: Bengali and English medium
  • Authority: College Board of Directors
  • Board of Education: Dhaka Board of Education
  • Contact: Kadamtali, Demra, Jatrabari, Dhaka. Phone: 7559007 (School), 7559401 (College)
  • Website: Shamsul Haque Khan School and College

7. Milestone College

Milestone College is an educational institution located in Uttara, Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. This institution is a collegiate school. Milestone first from kindergarten to junior school, then a growing institution in secondary school. Now Bangladesh has emerged as a leading college. For a long time this college made an enormous result competing with other top colleges in Dhaka city.

  • Established: 2002
  • Founder: Colonel Nuran Nabi
  • Chairperson: Mumtaz Begum
  • Motto: Sikh and lead
  • Principal: Professor Md. Sahidul Islam
  • Type of institution: Private college
  • Language: Bengali and English medium
  • Gender: Co-education
  • Board of Education: Dhaka Board of Education
  • Contact: 30 & 40 Garib-e-Newaz Avenue, Sector-11, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka. Phone: 02-58957733, 01716880925, 01771581650, 01715298481
  • Website: Milestone College

8. Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah College

Mahbubur Rahman Mollah College is situated in the Jatrabari area of ​​the capital of Bangladesh. Founded in 2010, the college has secured the eighth position in the merit list of Dhaka Board in just four years as a result of HSC examinations across the country. They have a bunch of talented teachers to teach the students. So the students are doing well from the first year. The college was established with the approval of the Ministry of Education and the Board of Education to ensure higher education for all in coordination with education in the modern world. The college has been consistently successful since its start. The college has experienced teachers, digital libraries, computer labs, internet systems, modern technology-based educational materials. Students are interested in learning in this college due to some special features. Education is affordable here. Full-time experienced dedicated teacher-lee. Many clubs for co-curricular activities, courses for learning different languages, including English. From 2012 to 2015, every time 100% of students have passed from this institution. So for HSC you can have your admission if you prefer to make standard results with this best college in our country. 

  • Established: 2010
  • Founder: Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah
  • Chairman: Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah
  • College Code: 1160
  • Principal: Md. Obaidullah Nayan
  • Type of institution: Private college
  • Gender: Co-education
  • Board of Education: Dhaka Board of Education
  • Contact: Demra Road, College Gate, Matuail, Jatrabari, Dhaka. Phone: +88 01749-108525
  • Website: Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah College

9. King’s College

Kings School and College were established in 2009 in the Uttara elite area of ​​Dhaka under the Dhaka Board of Education to promote modern, quality, and feature education run by BSB Foundation and to meet the challenges of the 21st century. This is one of the best private colleges in Dhaka but according to results and collaboration it made a tremendous fame over HSC result. 

Creative teaching by skilled and experienced faculty is the main feature of this institution. No student of this institution has to be private or coaching oriented. Also to the multimedia digital classroom, there are various modern and up-to-date facilities including co-educational activities.

  • Establishment date: 2009
  • Founder: Lion M.K. Bashar PMJF
  • Principal: Lion M.K. Bashar PMJF
  • Type of institution: Private college
  • Gender: Co-education
  • Board of Education: Dhaka Board of Education
  • Contact: Polwel Carnation, House-9 / B, Sector-6, Uttara, Dhaka. Phone: +880 1720 557178
  • Website: King’s College

10. Cambrian School and College

An educational institution run by the Cambrian School and College (BSB) Foundation. The organization was established in 2004 with the slogan of “Education for peace, self-reliance & global opportunity”. Under BSB Cambrian made a much roar over it’s result and cultural nourishing. They made a best position in the top college ranking in Dhaka city and are going to make a big effort to rank in the top best college in Bangladesh. So for future college admission, one can choose it for a top-class environment and study. But students should take into mind the tuition costs on it. 

  • Established: 2004
  • Founder and Chairperson: Lion MK Bashar
  • Motto: education for peace, self-reliance & global opportunity
  • Principal: Ashraful Ehsan Khan
  • Students: about 16 thousand
  • Teachers: About 800
  • Co-operatives: 14
  • Type of institution: Private college
  • Gender: Co-education
  • Board of Education: Dhaka Board of Education
  • Contact: Plot-2, Gulshan Circle-2, Dhaka. Phone: 9881355, 9891919
  • Website: Cambrian College

He learned about the above 10 colleges as the best colleges in Dhaka. In all cases, the main points have been brought up at a glance without going into details. Hopefully, you will keep it and share it with all the students. So that they can make their idea and aim for the HSC admission in the next stage of education. IF you want to know about the Admission Process of HSC Examinee Click here now. Also, you can learn about the Details of admission in the top 15 colleges of Dhaka city.

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