Top Companies to Work for in Bangladesh

Top Companies to Work for in Bangladesh

Top Companies to Work for in Bangladesh Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. It is currently one of the emerging countries. At present, the economic progress of Bangladesh is increasing rapidly. Along with government institutions, some of the best private organizations in the country are playing a special role in this economic growth. The country is serving the people by participating in various social activities besides GDP development. There are so many private companies that are developing an economic position with the government. Also, they are playing an important role in developing employment levels. According to a career survey, more than 65 percent of people are contacted by this company’s jobs. In our country, many of the companies provided more facilities than other jobs. So some people are much interested to work with private companies in Bangladesh.  In today’s article, we will talk about some of the best private companies in Bangladesh. All these constantly keep the wheel of the country’s economy moving. Also, you can know about the job scope and facility they are providing for a long period. So let’s take a look at some of the best private companies.

Top Companies to Work for in Bangladesh
Top Companies to Work for in Bangladesh

Top Private Company: Pran – RFL Group

Pran-RFL is a food manufacturing company in Bangladesh. It was founded by the late Major Amjad Khan Chowdhury in 1971. Early life began with the processing of vegetables and fruits. RFL, on the other hand, started its journey in 1960 with a welding factory. Pran-RFL’s products include dairy products, juices, rice, biscuits and bakery items, textiles, various plastic products, etc. At present, their products are exported to more than a hundred countries. Basically they are marketing based companies. So all the month they circulated marketing base jobs for their separate industry. From the entry-level to experienced, you can join with them anytime. And for salary or position, you don’t have to think so much. Because they provide a smart and solid appealing paying for each employee based on position. Thus for work in a private company Pran RFL Group can be your first choice. This is the top company in Bangladesh according to facility, works, and environment.

Top Private Company: ACI (Advanced Chemical Industry) Group

ACI Group is one of the largest companies in Bangladesh. ACI basically processes it through three main parts. Such as pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and the agricultural industry. ACI was established in 1986 as a subsidiary of Imperial Chemical Company. ACI companies are working in various industries across the country. There is large manpower connected with this company. The facility and salary they paid are more standard than any 3rd-grade govt job paying. Thus many people choose this private company the best company to work for. With a master’s degree and 2/3 years of experience, one can easily make an appointment here. There is also an entry-level job facility. After circulation one can easily take apart into the interview and join after the final call.

Top Private Company: Navana Group

Navana was established in 1974 under the supervision of Md. Zahurul Islam. At present Navana has 15 industries. Navana employs nearly 6000 people in 28 different sectors. Such as automobiles, real estate, machinery, housing projects, construction, electronics, food, medical equipment, furniture, oil, gas, etc. The job facility for this company is huge. Though the company works with many areas of business assets, one can easily prepare himself for this organization. The salary package and job environment are much better here. This is a top group of companies in Bangladesh among others.

Top Private Company: Abul Khair Group

It is one of the leading businesses in Bangladesh. It started selling tobacco in 1953. But currently produces steel, ceramics, cement, cigarettes, and food. Nearly 10 thousand people are directly indirectly working in this company. This is the highest paying company in Bangladesh now. Also, the job facility and promotion is much rapid here. Thus many young and experienced employees choose this company to start their career in a new way. Freshers can also join here father facing the interview. But initial qualification is a must thing. Find the job newspaper or Bdjobsworld job portal regularly to get the circular at first.

Top Private Company: Bashundhara Group

Bashundhara Group Company is one of the best companies in Bangladesh. It was founded by Ahmed Akbar Sobhan in 1976. Initially, it started a real estate business jointly with East-West Property Company. It was quite successful then. The Bashundhara Group then expanded its business to other sectors such as manufacturing, factories, trade, etc. The Bashundhara Group received government permission to set up a special economic zone at Keraniganj in Dhaka. Thus this company made a huge area of employment for the country. Also, the expanding business gives the country much economic balance because of its growth. The career of this company is fabulous. The paying and job placement in a higher position is also better than other private companies. So if you’re interested in a standard private company to work for, you can choose Bashundhara.


Top Private Company: Beximco Group

Beximco Company is a manufacturer of various industries in Bangladesh. It has opened up Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical, ceramic and textile industries to the developed world. It is the first company in Bangladesh to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Beximco currently exports its products to 103 countries. It employs 60,000 workers worldwide. The drugs produced by Beximco are exported to 45 countries. So you can call it the top and best private company in Bangladesh. The job facility and pay are much higher here. Also, the demanding job position and job security are standard than others. So one can reality listed this company as a best-paying company to work for.

Top Private Company: Square Group

It is one of the best companies in Bangladesh. Samson H Chowdhury founded Square in 1956 with three of his friends. Since 1991, it has established a strong position in the pharmaceutical industry. It is currently listed on the Dhaka Stock Exchange. Also to the pharmaceutical industry, it produces various toiletries, textiles, medical products, food items, etc. Not only as a top company but also for the best work environment one can choose this private company. This is the most expanded private company in Bangladesh.

Top Private Company: City group

Citi Group started its journey with the Mustard Oil Company in 1982 with the help of Cityable Oil Mill. One of Citi group’s businesses is consumer goods, food, various newsletters, shipbuilding industry, medical equipment, steel industry, etc.

Top Private Company: Kazi Farms Group

Kazi Farms started its journey in 1997 with imported eggs. Currently produces chicken, eggs, and food items which are quite acclaimed in the country and abroad.

Top Private Company: Partex Group

It is one of the largest companies in Bangladesh. The company includes various businesses such as food and beverage, steel, real estate, furniture, agro-plastics, etc.

Top Private Company: Hamim Group

Hamim Group is one of the leading textile manufacturers in Bangladesh. Fashionable denim fabric is one of the products of this company. The Hamim Group currently has about 50,000 workers and 226 garment factories. The companies of Hamim Group include a unique denim mill, polybag industry, jute mill, tea garden, mass media, media, etc.

Top Private Company: Ananda Group

Dr. Abdul Bari is the founder of Farina Ananda Group. It was established in 1983. The Ananda Group is originally known as Ananda Shipyard and Slipway. Currently, Ananda Group has expanded its business in the real estate, engineering, and textile industries.

Top Private Company: Habib Group

Habib Group’s companies include airlines, cement manufacturers, energy companies, steel companies, and textile companies.

Top Private Company: Jamuna Group 

The Jamuna Group Company has created the largest amusement park “Jamuna Future Park”. Other companies in the Jamuna Group are textile, chemical, beverage companies, and leather companies. There are also installation companies, engineering, media, etc.

Top Private Company: Meghna Group

The Meghna Group has its own bicycle factory, car company, cement industry, packaging, and textile industries.

Top Private Company: Akij Group

Akij Group’s businesses include textiles, tobacco, cement, ceramics, printing, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.

Top Private Company: Nasir Group

Nasir Group’s products include floating glass, melamine, printing and packaging factories, tobacco factories, shoes, various glass equipment, and tubes, and energy-saving lighting factories.

Top Private Company: Rangs group

Rangs Group companies include car, electronics, housing projects

Top Private Company: Otobi group

Otobi is the first-class furniture company in Bangladesh. OTOBI Company was established in 1985 by Nitun Kundu.

Top Private Company:  Walton Group

Walton is one of the leading electronics brands in Bangladesh. Walton manufactures various electronics accessories, mobiles, cars, etc.

Top Private Company: Grameenphone

Grameenphone is a leading telecommunication company in Bangladesh. It is a joint venture between Telenor and Grameen Telecom Corporation. Telenor is a Norwegian-based telecommunications company with a 55.7% stake in Grameenphone. Grameenphone introduced the first GSM technology in Bangladesh.

Q1. What is the biggest company in Bangladesh?

By market capital its Grameenphone Ltd. With a separate business asset, it’s British American Tobacco Bangladesh. 

Q2. How many companies are there in Bangladesh?

The total number of companies registered in Bangladesh in 2005 was 5396772. According to the collection of development index compiled from officially recognized sources of the World Bank. But at present without an index, it’s nearly 7 lacs company that is running in Bangladesh. 

Q3. Which business is best in Bangladesh?

Businesses depend on the investment and assets that one can do over the policy. So any kind of business you can run in Bangladesh if you have a lot of capital.  Besides this you can see the list below:

  • Digital Marketing agency
  • Wedding planning.
  • Hair salon.
  • Best Online Business Ideas in Bangladesh.
  • Ecommerce.
  • Freelancing.
  • Affiliate Marketing

and other market-based businesses can be run in Bangladesh easily. The best company can run the best business with the best product in our country. So you can take the benefit if you have the proper plan.

Q4. What is the main industry in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh Business, Economy, Trade

The main industries in Bangladesh are cotton, textiles, jute, garments, tea processing, paper newsprint, cement, chemical fertilizers, sugar, and light engineering.

Q5. Which are the top 10 companies in Bangladesh?

There are so many companies that are running the business to develop the economy as well as national growth. But the top list is the best list which can give the best efforts and support to the national market. Here a list of top 10 best company in Bangladesh:


These private companies in Bangladesh are growing the economy of Bangladesh in various ways in the world market. It has expanded the country’s economy. Other notable companies are Zaman Group of Companies, Transcom Group of Companies, Concord Group, NASA Group, etc.


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