Top Demanding Subject in Bangladesh

Top  Demanding Subject in Bangladesh

Before listing the top demanding subjects in Bangladesh, we want to make you some basic questions. What do you need first to build a strong career? The best place to study, the best environment to set your goal and the best guide to achieve your goal, right? But one important thing you need to choose at the beginning of your goal setting is the most demanding subject to study, that is a necessary part. And that’s the great thing. Yes, if you can go the right way, one of the best things can lead you to the nation.

You know better than all the demanding subjects presented at your university can establish your career. There are many people who are developing their careers in different subjects. But you have to make your choice considering the current workplace and future development. Otherwise, you can’t put your life in the best place as such a goal.

Ever since childhood, we have been aiming to be doctors or engineers or big professional accountants. But after a while, we can’t achieve our goal because we chose the wrong side. Today we are here on the most important issues. And this is the top demand issue in Bangladesh – so that you can choose the best before filling the admission form. We will teach you the top ranking of the university as well as the report of the university subject ranking.

You can then set your brain to see which university can give you the opportunity and how you can get the right direction to fulfill your dreams. Also, you can set up your career structure depending on these factors. You can do a decent job in our country without choosing the right subject. So try to make the best decision before you fail to run.

Here we will see what topics have found a place in the content in our country. We will also look at the job market in our country and consider the top 10 issues collectively.

We’ve tried to give you the idea that you can pick the best subject and then dig yourself anywhere in the world. So let’s take a look at the top 10 most demanding subjects in Bangladesh that can help you get the best jobs and career:

Top  Demanding Subject in Bangladesh
Top  Demanding Subject in Bangladesh

Top 10 Most  Demanding Subject in Bangladesh

#10 Accounting & Finance

From the top 48 subject analysis reports, Accounting and Finance subjects are in the 10th position. It is the most popular subject now. You will be surprised that it is now leading the social science and management group. People are focusing on these subjects not only for strong ranking but also for better job opportunities. Also, the students can give a solid vocational focus on the economy with this subject. Thus it is the 10th  most demanding subject in Bangladesh according to the student survey.

With the Accounting and Finance subject, you can make your career anywhere in the world. Last year Harvard University was the top university to study Accounting and Finance. We hope that this year also Harvard will take the same place on the ranking. But in Bangladesh, it is the best subject for aiming for a bank job. Yes, if you want to be a banker you can go with this best subject. The top universities like Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University, and so on suggest this subject to cover for a finance job. You can join a bank, the Insurance company, NGOs, and so on finance-related organizations easily. Bangladesh is developing day by day. And it is surprisingly developing its economic structure. So you can easily suit any finance base position here now and even in the future with this subject.

Job opportunities and income potential

According to the present job market and salary survey you can get a minimum of 40,000 TK. per month with this subject related jobs. And it is increasing regularly. So the job security and best paying job both can be possible with this subject. You can lead

the commercial and corporate base position in Bangladesh. With solid paying, you can deal with the accounting and finance subjects if you are really interested in this. Besides the job position, you can build your career in a big organization like Goldman Sachs,  Amazon, AXA,  and so on. In Bangladesh, the best organization like Brac, Grameenphone, Square, and more are waiting for you. So we hope you can understand the needs and demands of these subjects now. According to salary, position, and job opportunity, we listed this subject in the top list. Accounting and Finance are the most demanding subjects in Bangladesh for the career. 


#9 Architecture

Ever since people left the cave, people have been trying to get architecture. A branch of architectural knowledge that deals primarily with connections. Moreover, it is a creative practical art.

Its main difference with art is that where art is an aesthetic where only one person sees or observes, the user of architecture can simultaneously realize both its use and aesthetics. Along with global urbanization, Bangladesh is also growing in line with it. As a result of urbanization, the demand for architects is increasing. As a result, public universities as well as private universities are now teaching architecture and doing very well. Architecture is one of the top subjects in Bangladesh now. Also, it can be the most demanding subject in this growing trend.

Why study architecture?

  • Because you love building design. You are amazed at both new construction trends and old constructions.
  • Because you believe in the aesthetics of a community and you want to work towards its visual improvement.
  • Because you like to create in a big way, but you start by coming up with it in miniature.
  • Because you want to specialize in a particular branch of architecture that you are passionate about.
  • Because you want to be an artist, but you also want to have an economic pass that allows you to survive. And you think that this is the right discipline to achieve it.
  • Because you have the necessary empathy to understand what people want to project and enough patience to change as many times as a plan or a model is necessary.

Architecture field of work

You can usually work in:

  • Architecture Studies.
  • Freelance or Outsourcing.
  • National or International Construction Companies.
  • Transnational companies.
  • Government instances.

Job Opportunities:

Architects work in Bangladesh with various plans for different classes to meet the housing needs of the people. This potential field is expanding in view of the growing demand. Some of the first companies included architectural issues in the Dhaka-centric building design. It has now grown all over Bangladesh.

To implement the building design and housing project the professionals need manpower. And they are facing the needs of architecture people for this. As the growing commercial and industrial systems are growing day by day the job opportunities are also growing. As per the survey In Bangladesh more than 20 thousand architecture needed for the construction process. After studying architecture, there are huge job opportunities in  Bangladesh.

Is architecture a good career choice in Bangladesh?

Why not! If you are really interested in this field or subject and you are good at art you can choose this. Also, you have a higher study opportunity in architecture subjects from Bangladesh. And if you want to make your career in it you can easily choose it.  

Bangladesh is a developing country now. There is a huge potential for so many infrastructural constructions here. And especially for architecture, it is a big option. Bangladesh is a densely populated country. People need smart, innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly lifestyles here. The perfect design and best construction housings are rare here. Poor build quality and waste of money can not solve the resource problem. So we have to use our time and give our work the proper value. In this construction sector architecture, people can do it. Thus the job opportunity and career growth of architecture people are huge. We can say that the scope of a solid work environment in Bangladesh for architecture is still so large.

What is the monthly salary of an architect?

So you can study architecture because it is now one of the most demanding subjects in Bangladesh. But, having an architecture degree does not guarantee you the best paying job or the best paying job. Not even architecture can guarantee you the best salary, regardless of degree or certificate. To get the best earnings or salary from an established job you first need to build professional skills. Also, try to get an architecture degree from the best university with solid grades. Because it is a matter of educational qualifications to get a good position.

As for architecture, you can start earning after three or four years. In this case, if you have a good professional link, it can help you more. Initially, a novice architect can expect 25k to 45k, and overtime as a senior it can be expected to be 50k to 90k or more. Also, keep in mind that you can earn from outsourcing or freelancing projects if you want. It can earn you extra income by working from home. But it depends on your skills and the platform you deserve. So now you know how architecture subjects can help you pay the best to get the best career in Bangladesh.

#8 Arts & Humanities

Why not say humanities or art in that name. After passing the eighth grade, everyone thinks about science, fine arts, or commerce, what to study, what to study to improve life !! Many are concerned about these issues. Today, I hope the cause of your concern is gone. Read our full post carefully.

First, come those who should study humanities or fine arts …

(01) If your goal is BCS then you must study art or humanities.

(02) If you are weak in mathematics, you must study fine arts or humanities.

(03) If you have proficient skills in English, you can take the arts. Because if you are not good at English, you cannot go into the humanities department much.

(04) If your dream is to study at a public university, you should study humanities.

(05) If you have enough patience, you can read humanities. Without patience, you cannot go to the fall of man.

Which subjects of arts and Humanities are popular today?

There are so many most demanding subjects in these groups under the arts and humanities. The subjects that can make you much efficient are:

  • Archaeology
  • English Language & Literature
  • Art & Design
  • Architecture / Built Environment
  • Classics & Ancient History
  • Modern Languages
  • History
  • Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Performing Arts
  • Linguistics

All the Jobs that are available in all humanities/arts:

The main subject of humanity or fine arts is the law. Law is the only professional thing for people. Just by reading the law, you will get a guaranteed job. And if there is any other subject, it is English. If you study English, you will get some benefits from the BCS exam.

The third issue is public administration. Now many are wondering why we are not talking about the economy. In fact, after Dr. Yunus received the Nobel, his popularity has increased in the economy of Bangladesh !! Before Yunus won the Nobel Prize, no one cared so much about economics. There are many ways to get a job in a bank by studying economics.

In fact, economies have nothing to do with banks. After Dr. Mohammad Yunus received the Nobel, Grameen Bank created huge opportunities for the students of the Department of Economics. But later we saw that Grameen Bank and other banks have started giving priority to the economic department. In fact, the syllabus taught by the Department of Economics has no role in the work of the bank.

Arts & Humanities based subjects are best for social and economical development

The student who spends 25 percent of his time in the calculation house, deducts 25 percent by pressing the calculator, without deducting the remaining 30 percent without calculating !! And spend the remaining 20 percent of the time to match the average !!!! You must understand which department we are talking about.

We are talking about the accounting department. And the economics department does some calculations and they think they are suitable for a job in a bank. If BBA or Commerce students had been given priority in all the banks in Bangladesh, this stagnation would not have arisen in the banking sector today.

In the salary scale, you can consider that you will be paid 30k to 60k at any position at the beginning. The positions and job may vary and the salary amount can be different depending on your skills and performance. But the arts and humanities can give you a solid career under different job opportunities. So you can go through the subjects if you are really interested in these most demanding subjects in Bangladesh

No matter how much you avoid it, there is no speed without BCS in economics. This means that if your goal is to teach in a school or college or do a BCS / government job, then you must study humanities.

These three categories of engineering subjects are the largest and most extensive fields in the world. Mechanical engineering is called the mother of engineering. Also, all the subjects on these levels are as demanding as the whole world wants. 

#7 Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering. Here the principles of physics are used for the maintenance, design, manufacture, and analysis of mechanical systems. The study of this engineering requires a clear knowledge of mechanics, kinetics, thermodynamics, and energy. Necessary mechanical engineers use this knowledge to make automobiles, aircraft, air conditioning systems, industrial equipment, and medical science equipment.

What does a mechanical engineer do?

Mechanical engineers design many large machines, machinery, or vehicles to make the whole process of producing those products, starting from small to large parts, more efficient. They can work on all stages of product creation (research, design, production, installation, and final launch). 

Which is the best University to Study Mechanical engineering in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh generally, the BUET and technological university is the place to study Mechanical engineering. Among all BUET, CUET, RUET, and SUST are the best universities to study this most demanding and appealing subject. Also, some private universities can give the degree of this engineering subject. But the choice is yours to study where you prefer to study to set your career best.  

Career Opportunity: Where to work studying Mechanical engineering?

The employment sectors in Bangladesh are as follows:

  • Powerplant (all types)
  • Cement industry
  • Fertilizer factory
  • Automobiles
  • Gas field
  • The shipbuilding industry
  • Petroleum products (lube oil, petrol, diesel)
  • In the utility and maintenance department of any industry.
  • Rail
  • Aircraft
  • Renewable energy
  • Generator / captive power

What opportunities there are abroad on this subject!

As of 2019, there are approximately 2.5 million engineers working in the United States. Of these, about 239,000 (15%) are mechanical engineers, the second largest category of civil engineers (28,000). According to 2019 statistics, the employment of mechanical engineers is growing at a rate of 20% per decade, with the initial salary per bachelor degree engineer being $70,0000 per year. The average salary of mechanical engineers is $900,000 per year, a maximum of $1200,000 per year, and a minimum of $800,000. There is also a huge demand for mechanical engineers in Germany.

# Law

Law is one of the most demanding subjects according to the survey. There is so much popularity in this present situation. You can focus on your career with this top subject in the country right now. Also, there are so many people who are really interested in reading law as a great subject. You can complete the undergraduate level as well as a postgraduate degree on this subject. In our country, the capacity to study law is increasing and the students are also getting many jobs in it.  

The law is a very broad subject. But, due to the lack of proper development of professional law in this country, people are still thinking of building a future in a few traditional cases – courts, judges, or teachers’ lawyers. But much more is possible. You can also become a researcher by reading this national law. Research is not limited by law. Sociology, theology, economics, medical science are all possible to study law. For this reason, the law can also be called a field of interdisciplinary research. No matter how far the world goes, the importance of the legal profession remains.

Which university is best for law in Bangladesh?

This is the most common question for the student where they can start their studies. Here we listed the top 7 universities or institutes that one can study law. All these universities are much popular for its education and fame.

Top Public University to study law in Bangladesh

  • Dhaka University
  • Jahangirnagar University
  • Jagannath University
  • Chittagong University
  • Rajshahi University
  • Islamic University
  • Shahjalal University of Science & Technology

Here are some private universities where one can easily get a law degree and quality education. They can also help you make your career great for future development in law subjects.

Top Private university to study law in Bangladesh.

  • BRAC University (BRACU)
  • East west University.
  • University of Asia Pacific (UAP)
  • State University of Bangladesh (SUB)
  • Southeast University of Bangladesh.
  • Daffodil International University (DIU)
  • Stamford University Bangladesh.

Where is the career studying law?

First, there is the potential to build a successful career as a lawyer. Students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are eligible to apply for the job, while law students can easily build a career in these positions. There is an opportunity to be a ‘Judicial Service’ i.e. ‘Assistant Judge and Judicial Magistrate’ as a ‘Government First Class Gazetted Officer’, which is only for law students. BCS can join non-technical cadres like foreign, administration, police, customs, etc.

There is a demand for law teachers in almost every public and private university in the country. He can join the Army, Navy, and Air Force as a ‘Jazz Advocate General’ with the rank of Commission Officer through short-term training. You may also consider building a career as an ‘Assistant Law Secretary’ under the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs.

Besides, foreign embassies, banks, and multinational companies in Bangladesh are employed as ‘Law Officers’. Appointed as Government Law Officer or Public Prosecutor (PP) in the court. Many work abroad as immigration case officers or law officers. Law degree holders have job opportunities in various international organizations such as UNHCR, UNDP, WHO, UNICEF, IOM, ILO, etc.

You can also build a career as a legal advisor or consultant. In addition, if one wants to work on human rights or the rights of women and children, the best platform for them is law reading. If one wants to be established in a field without some exceptions, one can also be a lawyer in the film industry or a screenwriter of a court-themed film. Authors like the famous novel panacea John Grisham can write stories about the law. So you can build your career with this most demanding subject in Bangladesh. Also, you can grow your career in an international form with the law subject.

#5 Economics & Econometrics

In almost all cases we have the use of economy in our lives. The subject helps the student to make rational decisions. Any decision can be made better by applying economic knowledge. Readings are not limited to numbers, charts, calculations. We try to teach them how to use economic knowledge to improve their lives. The foundation of the economy; And its branches in matters such as marketing, management, financial resources. Understanding economics makes it easier to understand these issues.

Economics students get an idea about how the economy of a country works and how it should work, what kind of changes can be made in the economic sector of our country as compared to other countries, how to run individual institutions efficiently, how to make more profit at low cost. In addition to these, it is also known how to improve your home budget, expenses, and income with limited personal resources.


Just as the world needs basic things, so does the economy. The world is now moving towards artificial intelligence. There will come a time when very few cases need human intelligence once a robot will be able to use it to make decisions later on. Although not very much needed at that time, the demand of the economy will remain as a fundamental issue.

Suppose there is at least one university in the most underdeveloped country in the world, but there must be a department of economics. Thus, if you fall into the economy, you don’t have to think about job opportunities. It is best to study economics at the undergraduate level and then specialize while doing postgraduate and Ph.D.

Because now almost everything is becoming specialized. So if you don’t know about these adjectives then you will face problems later. One can easily complete and study econometrics as a graduate. Which is a special and unique field of economy. There are many more such fields as applied economics, industrial economics, labor economics, etc.

The future of Economics subjects:

If one wants to teach economics, it is better to do a Ph.D. and study as well as do research. It could be a single study or a research study published on behalf of an organization. We have various national and international research institutes in our country. Such as PRI, PDC (Policy Dialogue Center), Policy Research Institute, etc.

Also, those who work in economic development in various multinational organizations. Such as ADB (Asian Development Bank), International Food Policy Research Institute, etc., have the opportunity to work as a student of economics in these organizations. Economics students will find work in any type of financial institution in the world.

Which university is best for economics in Bangladesh?

There are so many public and private universities in our country to study economics. Among them, University of Dhaka is in the top position to study economics and economics related subjects. As you can feel that economics is one of the most demanding and top subjects to study you can study it in some top universities:

Top university to study economics in Bangladesh:

  • Dhaka University
  • Jagannath University
  • Jahangirnagar University
  • Dhaka School of Economics
  • Chittagong University
  • Rajshahi University
  • North-south University

In which sector of the economy is it possible to work?

Notable sectors directly related to the economy are:

  • Economics research
  • Banks and insurance
  • Investment

You have the opportunity to build your career in any field other than the above. In this case, you can work on the following issues:

  • Data analysis
  • Financial planning
  • Accounting
  • Financial advice
  • Investment analysis

If you want to enter a specialized job, you need to look for a higher degree. For example, if you want to be a teacher or a researcher, you should complete your PhD. The same educational qualifications will be required even if there is a desire to work with economic policy.

#4 Medicine & Pharmacy

After passing the SSC or HSC exams, students and parents are all concerned about which subject to follow. So at the moment it is a matter of choice, where the cost of education will be less and where the student will not have to be lazy. And at the present time, the medical profession is one of the most popular professions. Creating a career in medical care is more prestigious than any other profession. Because this profession has been associated with humanity / compassion for thousands of years, the dignity of this profession, the top position of opportunity. Medical services are primarily influenced by physicians, nurses, health workers, and more; However, no hospital or clinic can be run by a doctor. Each department requires specialist doctors. These expert staff take the medical sector forward.

Demand of Medicine and Pharmacy subjects in our country

There is a good demand for medicine science and pharmacy in Bangladesh at present. There are also opportunities for higher research in the international arena. Science and medicine graduates are currently in great demand in the job market. In Bangladesh, health care is the main field of work for degree holders. There is a lot of demand for these students in various NGOs, clinics, hospitals and even research technology who are working on health. Medicine science graduates also dominate government jobs as big hospitals managements and specialist doctors. And the pharmacist developing the health research sector as well. In Bangladesh more than 50 thousand pharmacists are needed for the best practices. But at present we are running our sector with a number of 15 thousand pharmacists in our health firm. 

One doctor for every 2,200 people is needed to implement the plan adopted by the World Health Organization. At present there are many public and private hospitals or healthcare institutions in the country from unions, upazilas to the capital. There are also a number of clinics listed by the Department of Health. There are also about 16,000 community clinics, numerous private service organizations. These healthcare institutions need a large number of medical specialists. At present about 60-70 thousand registered doctors are working in the country. There is a huge demand for these professionals in the country as well as abroad. There are vast opportunities for doctors to work in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and European countries. All you need is English language skills. The job opportunities of doctors abroad, both public and private, are very good. Remember, the number of doctors for medical services in developed countries is insufficient.

How’s the income?

There are good job opportunities for doctors in government and non-government organizations. At present, the country needs more than 100,000 doctors. When a student completes a minimum HSC and completes a four-year diploma in medicine, he gets a salary of 20,000 to 35,000 Tk. at the beginning. Later, with the increase in work experience and skills, it can be from 45 to 60 thousand Tk. Kidney, heart, urinary tract, pregnancy problems, new mental and physical problems are being added to the new medical sciences. As a result, the demand for skilled and specialized doctors is also increasing.

Also for the Pharmacist the income is much satisfactory. They can earn more than 1 lac in a professional period. At starting they can start with 40 to 60 thousand Tk monthly pay and this can grow to 70 to 1 lac even more depending on the working skills. But the fact is the medicine and pharmacy subjects are growing day by day and placing as the top demanding subjects in Bangladesh. So one can surely think about these subjects for a better and sattle career in our country.  

#3 Business & Management Studies

On the top three most demand subjects in Bangladesh, we are listed Business and Management subjects. This is because there is a huge opportunity with these subjects.  Also the best paying salary and career growth can be considered with these subjects. Here you can see the job and job placement opportunity that where you can set your life with Business and management subjects:

1) Banking: If you are a student of business education or commerce you will get maximum priority in a bank job.

Many will say, brother, cousin of one of my cousins, who studied economics from the arts and works in a bank.

Our answer to them is that at present there are students in other departments of the bank due to the pressure of the government to eradicate unemployment in Bangladesh. And those who work in other departments, most of them work with the help of others. If you want to work honestly in a bank, there is no alternative to business subjects. Because who has counted page after page of crores of money all his life ???

2) Industrial establishments: All those who hold senior positions in industrial establishments have business backgrounds. How to run an industry, how to motivate workers. How to determine the rate of wages of workers. No one knows these things better than a trade student.

If you can get a CA degree, your initial salary will be around Tk. 50,000.

And if you can’t finish the CA perfectly, you’ll get priority for well-paid work. For students in departments other than commerce, CA courses will seem like a lifeline.

3) Insurance companies: The number of insurance companies in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Business students are given preference in hiring employees in these insurance companies.

4) Marketing company: Many products occupy the market due to marketing. Again, no one knows the names of many good quality products.

One such business is education marketing. If you study the market, you can work as a senior market manager in any large organization.

5) Successful businessman: If you want to be a successful businessman without a job. But it is important for you to study business subjects. Because by studying business and management you will become proficient in managing. At the same time, how to deal with employees or executives, including promoting your business. How will there be no agreement? Your ideas about business law will be above all !! As a result, you need to study your business to become a successful entrepreneur.

In conclusion, a business graduate should not aim to work for others throughout life. Must have exit plans. Early in the career, you have to work for a good cause. Because our education system only gives some theoretical knowledge, on the basis of which there is a risk of danger if we do something on our own. So five-seven or ten years will work for education. The better you work in the organization, the better off you will be. Qualifying to run an organization is very important.

#2 Computer Science & Information Systems

We have placed the top demanded subject list of Bangladesh. Here Computer Science & Information Systems subjects placed at second position. Computer science opens up many avenues in front of a student. If someone wants a job, that opportunity is there and growing. If one wants to work individually, to be an entrepreneur, he can do that too. Again, there are many opportunities for research on various topics in computer science. A large number of students from Bangladesh who go abroad for higher studies have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Every day computers are getting better than before, more and more new job opportunities are being created.

Who will study computer science?

For those who are interested in computer science. Now the age of the computer. Computer science is for those who want to know what is becoming a computer this whole age. From childhood, we are now familiar with Google, various computer games. For example, in a shooting game, how do we view the shooting scene on the screen when we click the mouse? How does Google deliver our desired results in seconds? Those who think about these things, those who want to know the inner thing and create something new should read computer science.

Mathematics, logic, etc. are very important subjects to study in computer science. But the thing that is most needed to study computer science is the habit of sticking and being patient. Sometimes it takes a few days to solve various problems. The computer science curriculum is also quite large and the study pressure is also a bit high. Sometimes you have to work from home even on holidays. This should be kept in mind before deciding to study computer science and engineering.

Where is the career of this subjects?

Computer science is a higher education subject today. But, the incident is not happening by accident. Nor is it because the demand for computer science has decreased in almost all universities. But, almost all the universities have introduced the issue as the demand is increasing. The world is becoming more computer dependent, and the chances of building a career in this field are also increasing. There are now many computer companies in our country, studying computer science where there is an opportunity to join as a ‘developer’. Apart from this, computer engineers are also being recruited in various government departments. And computer science is a great opportunity to build yourself as an entrepreneur. Many are seen starting different startups after graduating in computer science. There are job opportunities in our country and abroad in big companies including Google, Cisco, Facebook. But for a job in these places, one must be proficient in competitive programming.

#1 Engineering & Technology

Engineering is the practical application of science. Once upon a time mechanical engineering was the most popular in the engineering department. It is still on the top list but other subjects also became popular over time. Subjects like textile engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering etc. are now growing. They are currently at the top of the demand of students. But, before enrolling in an engineering course in any one subject, it is important for students to know why or where to study engineering.

Why study Engineering & Technology?

Engineer means engineer. And engineering means working through engineering. In this age of globalization, the number of industries is increasing. And this is why the importance of engineering education is increasing. Engineering and Technology education is the only and proven way to guarantee employment. Technical education is more popular and prestigious than general education around the world. Work that can be done in a very easy way with low cost, in less time, with less manpower is called working through engineering.

Engineering and Technology includes engineering as well as five separate disciplines. And computer science which ranks second in this list is also a subpart of engineering. So it is difficult for our readers to express it in the extremely popular subject ranking table. Below is a complete list of engineering and technology topics:

  • Computer Science & Information Systems
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mineral & Mining Engineering
  • Civil & Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Where is the career?

Many people have a misconception about engineering. And that is there is no opportunity to build a career in the country by studying this subject. This is basically wrong. The various plants in the country are constantly in need of engineers. Various industries are developing in Bangladesh and engineers are needed for any industry. Even in various large companies outside the country, starting from Intel and many other multinational, international quality companies, many entrepreneurs in Bangladesh are in important positions in their own position. Also, a large number of students from our country are regularly going to Europe-America for higher studies and research.

What is the future?

Engineering & Technology is one of the advanced branches of science. Even after so many days, engineers are still contributing to the tech world in their own way. Engineers will play a key role in tackling future development crises. In a word, there is no need to talk about the future of  engineers separately. As long as civilization exists, engineers will be needed. That’s why this is the number one most demanding subject in Bangladesh. No one can ignore these subjects in this modern era. 

Top  Demanding Subject in Bangladesh: Summery

Q1)  What are the top 10 demanding subjects in Bangladesh?

Answer: The top 10 demanding subjects in Bangladesh are: 

  1. Engineering & Technology
  2. Computer Science & Information Systems
  3. Business & Management Studies
  4. Medicine
  5. Economics & Econometrics
  6. Law
  7. Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering
  8. Arts & Humanities
  9. Architecture
  10. Accounting & Finance

Q2) What is the best subject in Bangladesh?

Answer: There are many subjects in Bangladesh that can give you the best career and developments. But among them Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) is the best subject in bangladesh at present.  

Q3) What is the best subject?

Answer: Department wise Science is the best subject to go with. But arts, business and management also can give you solid grip. Otherwise you can go with English, Math and even History subjects. All of them are good for making your career best. But Science is the solid one with the highest opportunities. 

Q4) What are the most popular degree courses in Bangladesh?

Answer: Mostly Bachelor degrees are very popular here. But diploma degrees are also now getting demanded. Many people are now going through these degrees for better career growth. 

Q5) Which study is best for the future?

Answer: Engineering and Technology can be the best for your future according to the present situation of Bangladesh. 

Q6) What are the best courses to study?

Answer: These are the best courses to study at university in Bangladesh:

  1. Medical Technologist/Nursing.
  2. Teaching
  3. Computer Science.
  4. Mechanical Engineering.
  5. Mathematics. 
  6. Marketing / Business Studies.
  7. Law.

Read More : Top 10 Science & Technology University in Bangladesh

We hope you liked our post. Because all these subjects and opinions are based in practical situations and aspects. If you want to give us ideas and thoughts you can write to us through the comment section. Also if you need anything to know as a post on our Bdjobsworld website contact us without any hesitation. We are BDJOBSWORLD– the leadign job news and alert portal in Bangladesh. Our goal is to make you know all the latest news of all kinds of jobs in our country. To get updated yourself keep visiting our website regularly. We hope you can learn so many things from here. Till the next post keep yourself safe and secure, and study hard to get the suitable job for yourself. Choose the best subject to make your career developed and well seattle. Take care, have a good day.  

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