Top Private Medical Colleges In Bangladesh and Their Admission Process

Top Private Medical Colleges In Bangladesh

Top private medical colleges in Bangladesh are playing a major role in the field of medicine. For a long time, it has been having a big impact on the nation. And that is why the students of our country are relying on private medical colleges to fulfill their dreams. For that, they are looking for the best private medical college in our country. So that later they can prepare themselves for the nation.

Year after year, the medical admission test went on like every time. Thousands of children dream of becoming doctors. So that they can wear white aprons and serve the nation. And for this they take part in this medical college admission test. The purpose is the same for everyone, to be a doctor. Most of the targets who took part in the medical admission test were Government medical colleges. Like Dhaka Medical, Salimullah Medical, Suhrawardy Medical, or any government medical college.

The government always tries to increase the seats in government medical colleges. As well as private medical colleges also. At present, the number of seats in 36 government medical colleges is about 3400. But, the number of candidates taking part in the medical admission test every year is more than 50 thousand. Sometimes this number goes more than 60 thousand and stops at 70. Basically, if you want to get a chance in this highly competitive exam, you have to be hardworking, confident, and lucky.

In total, there are nearly 11 thousand seats available in government and private medical colleges. Sadly, for many it is not possible to get a chance in government medical or dental colleges.   So will the dream of becoming a lifelong cherished doctor stop? The answer is no. Because besides government medical, there are many private medical and dental colleges all over the country. Where the cost is a little expensive, but the standard of education is close to the government. Some private medical colleges offer a better education than many government medical colleges. So you can have a high standard of medical education in private medical colleges. Not only in Dhaka but also available outside of Dhaka.

At present, there are a total of 96 private medical colleges in Bangladesh. The number of these seats is constantly increasing as there are new medical colleges. There are also 6 military medical colleges. There is also public health medical with 130 seats and USTC medical with 150 seats. Besides private medical, there are 16 private dental colleges across the country for BDS students.


So if your dream is to be a Doctor you can be it if you have the best and solid thirst for it. You can target the government medical college with the top medical college listing in Bangladesh. But if you miss it even if you miss the government medical colleges you can try for private medical. Many of the students do not know about private medical admission processes. Also they even don’t know how to apply for private medical colleges in Bangladesh. Today we will let you know all the details you need to know about private medical colleges

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How many seats are there in private medical colleges in Bangladesh?

There are seven thousand 355 seats (nearly 8 thousand) in private medical colleges in Bangladesh. In contrast, 44,654 candidates are eligible for admission.

Private Medical College Form placement and admission process:

Students will be able to apply for admission to private medical and dental colleges. After the final notice from the health ministry the private medical admission process begins. Here they gave admission time to get students admitted.  But in the given period individual private medical can give separate admission circular. Also they can offer to admit criteria based on different merit positions. If you don’t know about the merit positioning system then let know about it. All the students apply for the medical test exam. According to the score from the test the 1st 5 thousand is selected for the government medical colleges. The seats are flapped according to the merit position. If any student does not admit in the meantime of admission then they admit from the waiting list. The students who aren’t selected by the government medical colleges can apply for the private medical colleges.  The list of eligible candidates according to merit and quota published on the particular medical college notice.

Distribution of forms in private medical colleges started shortly after admission in government medical colleges. Usually a certain mark is given every year from the medicals. In most cases at least 40 marks are required for the admission tests. This mark changes from year to year. Notices were given in medical colleges and on their websites and in daily newspapers. They mention marks and the number of seats available in that medical college. After that the private medical form distribution begins.

After acquiring the form, you have to fill all the information and submit the form to that medical college. You need the Medical Admission Result form for the admission. Also, SSC Marksheet, HSC Marksheet & Certificate should be submitted along with the form. A private medical college usually sells a certain number of forms. And after the submission the selection process begins. So if the admission mark is good, we would suggest buying one or at least 3-4 medical college forms. And then apply where you want to be admitted.

A few days after the submission of the form the result was published. The names of all the students who have been selected for admission in the medical school are hung on the notice board of the college. Everyone was informed by phone. Admission is accepted within one or two days if your name is in the list of selected students. At the time of admission, your SSC and HSC certificates will be kept in your medical along with the money.

Often, if you are behind the results of the medical admission test, you may not be selected for admission in 1-2 medical colleges. There is nothing to be disappointed about this. The more medical forms you take, the more likely you are to be selected for admission.

What are the fees in private medical colleges?

Admission fee and all expenses:

The problem that boys and girls and their parents have to face in private medical care is the cost. At the time of admission, you will have to deposit a large amount of money at one time as admission fee and maintenance cost. The cost varies from one private medical to another medical college. Usually starting from 8 lakh, the cost can be up to 30 lakh. You need to find out how much it costs to be admitted to the respective private medical college.

Besides, if you want to study in a hostel, you have to keep 10-15 thousand TK. at the end of the month as hostel expenses. You may have to pay 6-7 thousand TK. as a monthly salary. You may also have to pay a certain amount of money for the examination fee during the examination period. Especially before the prof test. The cost is also different in different colleges, although the board’s fees are fixed. The rest is taken for college expenses.

Students selected for admission will have to collect the prescribed form. They can have it from the Student Section of the College on the scheduled date. And submit it along with the required documents. You need the original copy of all educational certificates mentioned in the application form. Because you have to submit it at the time of admission. Here is a shortlist that can help you more:

  • Student copy of online application form,
  • online download form,
  • four copies of newly taken passport size attested color photograph,
  • academic transcript of SSC  or equivalent examination,
  • HSC or equivalent examination,
  • Original copy of all certificates & testimonials.

Freedom fighters, district quota, tribal candidates have to submit necessary documents in favor of quota. Marksheets of ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level or equivalent should be converted and submitted from the Department of Health.

If you fail in every professional exam (supplementary) you will have to take part in that exam again and pass. There used to be three professors in medical, now there are four. That means you have to pass these four exams with 70% marks. Somehow if you get less than 80% you fail and you have to take that test again. You have to bear your own expenses every time you take the test and give supplementary. You are a doctor only if you pass four such proofs.

Nowadays, yet, there is talk of introducing a grading system in medicine. Here students will be given grades not only for passing but also for marking. In other words, it will cost 25-30 lakh TK for a boy/girl to study medicine in top private medical colleges for 5 years.

‘The admission fee is fixed by the government in private medical colleges. Last year it was 13 lakh 90 thousand. Besides, one lakh 20 thousand Tk. has to be counted for the internship. All in all, a private medical college can take a maximum of 15 lakh 10 thousand Tk. at the time of admission. But, if any institution wants, it can admit less than that. ‘

According to various medical college websites and various sources, you need

  • 14 lakh 80 thousand in Bangladesh Medical College,
  • 15 lakh 10 thousand in Dhaka National Medical College,
  • 15 lakh in Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College,
  • 18 lakh in Shahabuddin Medical College,
  • 15 lakh in Ibrahim Medical College,
  • 13 lakh 90 thousand in Northern International Medical College,
  • 15 lakh in Ibn Sina Medical College,
  • 16 lakh 72 thousand in Sikdar Women’s Medical College,
  • 13 lakh in East-West Medical College,
  • 14 lakh in Enam Medical College,
  • 11 lakh 98 thousand in Ad-Din Medical College,
  • 13 lakh 25 thousand in Uttara Women’s Medical College
  • 11 lakh 95 thousand in Community Medical College for admission.

The fees that the student have to include are:

  • Campus Development,
  • Tuition,
  • Affiliation Fee,
  • University Registration,
  • BMDC Registration,
  • Marksheet Verification,
  • Center Fee,
  • College
  • Magazine Fee,
  • Games,
  • Sports and Other Entertainment Fee,
  • Identity Card,
  • Cushion,
  • Library Charge,
  • Miscellaneous,
  • Session,
  • Library,
  • General Students have to pay fees for the lab,
  • mark sheet verification,
  • accommodation and accommodation.

These fees have to be re-submitted according to the organization’s own rules. Some educational institutions take all the expenses in advance. Somewhere again the monthly fee has to be paid.

Notes on admission:

– Find out in advance which private medical college in Bangladesh you will be admitted to. If necessary, ask acquaintances or seniors to study medicine about their medical college. Find out what you have to know.

– It is better to keep the cost in mind. Explain to the family and be mentally prepared.

– Find out about the teachers and faculty of the place where you will be admitted to the medical school, whether there are labs and facilities.

– Another important thing is the result of the profs. Another way to know the quality of education in any medical college is the result of their prof. It is good to know how many people sit in each prof and how many pass.

– It is very important whether the medical college is registered and valid.

– For those who come to study from outside Dhaka, it is important to arrange hostel facilities and accommodation in advance.

– It’s the most important thing Public and private medical colleges together take and pass the PROF exam on the same question. So the standard of study is close. But after passing, the students of government medical colleges get a lot of patients as interns.

As the number of disadvantaged patients increases and the patient pressure increases. As a new physician you will learn handwork, patient treatment, operation work, etc. by hand and become confident. Also, since there are a lot of patients in the ward from the third year onwards, you will get the opportunity to see new cases which will make reading your book fruitful.

So choose the best private medical college where you will find a lot of patients and learn to work with a pen in hand.

All the best Private medical colleges of different division:

The names of various private medical colleges in Bangladesh have been given for your convenience. Admission information can be found by visiting the website of these medical colleges-

Top Private Medical College In Dhaka Division:

– Ad-Din Women’s Medical College

– Anwar Khan Modern Medical College

– Bangladesh Medical College

– Bikrampur Bhuiyans Medical College

– City Medical College

– Delta Medical College

– Dhaka Central International Medical College

– Dhaka Community Medical College

– Dhaka National Medical College

– Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College

– East-West Medical College

– Northern Medical College

– Enam Medical College

– Faridpur Diabetic Association Medical College

– Public Health Community Based Medical College

– Institute of Applied Health Sciences

– Green Life Medical College

– Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College

– Ibn Sina Medical College

– Ibrahim Medical College

– International Medical College

– Jahrul Islam Medical College

– Kumudini Women’s Medical College

– Marks Medical College

– Medical College for Women and Hospitals

– MS Samarita Medical College

– Munnu Medical College

– Nightingale Medical College

– Northern International Medical College

– Popular Medical College

– Shahabuddin Medical College

– Shaheed Mansur Ali Medical College

– Tirunnesa Memorial Medical College

– Uttara Modern Medical College

– Zainul Haque Sikder Women’s Medical College

– Jahural Islam Medical College, Bajitpur Kishoreganj

– President Abdul Hamid Medical College, Kishoreganj

Top Private Medical College In Khulna Division:

– Ad-Din Sakina Medical College

– Gazi Medical College

– Khulna City Medical College

– Jessore Armed Forces Medical College

Top Private Medical College In Chittagong Division:

– B.G.C. Trust Medical College

– Central Medical College

– Chittagong Maternal and Child Hospital Medical College

– Eastern Medical College

– Mainamati Medical College

– Southern Medical College

– University of Science and Technology

Top Private Medical College In Barisal Division:

No private medical college is run under private management in the Barisal division.

Top Private Medical College In Mymensingh Division:

– Community-Based Medical College, Bangladesh

Top Private Medical College In Rangpur Division:

– Prime Medical College Hospital

– Rangpur Community Medical College

– Northern Private Medical College Hospital

– Kasir Uddin Memorial Medical College Hospital

– Rangpur Dental College

– Rangpur Army Medical College

Top Private Medical College In Rajshahi Division:

– Barind Medical College

– Islami Bank Medical College

– Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College

– North Bengal Medical College

– Shah Makhdum Medical College

– TMSS Medical College

Top Private Medical College In Sylhet Division:

– Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College

– North East Medical College

– Parkview Medical College

– Durre Samad Rahman Women’s Red Crescent Medical College

– Sylhet Women’s Medical College

Military Medical College In Bangladesh :

– Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) 

– Army Medical College Bogra (AMC)

– Army Medical College Chittagong (AMC) 

– Army Medical College Comilla (AMC)  

– Army Medical College Jessore (AMC)

– Army Medical College Rangpur (AMC)   

Which is the best private medical college in Bangladesh?

Whether it is education or technology, Bangladesh is advancing in all aspects. To get a safe and secure place in the international market Bangladesh is growing itself.  And to produce a bright future, the country is improving the education system.

The country’s medical science academies and research activities are running randomly. And medical colleges are promoting them from time to time to stand out in the international market.  In Bangladesh there are 54 private medical colleges and 36 government medical colleges. For government colleges, you may not be so worried to choose the college. Just you can list the ranking on your own choice. But for private medical colleges many students find the best college to admit. You can search online Which private medical college is best? It is too difficult to make sure about the best medical college in Bangladesh. But here is a list of the top ten private medical colleges in Bangladesh. We gave the list according to the result, student reviews, and facilities. They are all in the best private medical college in our country. Remember that we do not favor the admission cost into it. All of them are continuous reform of medical research and studies. So you can find yours if you are really interested in

List Of The top 10 best Private medical colleges in Bangladesh. 

#10 Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College

#9 Jahurul Islam Medical College

#8 International Medical College, Bangladesh

#7 Ibrahim Medical College

#6 Holy Family Red Cross Crescent Medical College

#5 Enam Medical College

#4 Dhaka National Medical College

#3 Community Based Medical College, Bangladesh

#2 BGC Trust Medical College

#1 Bangladesh Medical College

Hopefully, after reading this post, you have come to know a little bit about private medical colleges. No matter which government or private medical you are admitted to. What kind of doctor you will be at the end of the day will depend on your studies, handwork, skills, focused internship, disease, and patient management, operation assist skills, MBBS next degree on top of everything. And all the public and private medical graduates of the Faculty of Medicine of the same university. For example, as many public and private medical colleges, as there are under Dhaka University, all the doctors get convocation and certificate from the Faculty of Medicine of Dhaka University at the same time.

At the end of the day when you will do a good job as a doctor, saving the life of the patient, no one will ask which medical you have passed. Everyone will see the qualifications, the skills. So if you dream of serving humanity, then come to this great profession. Because not everyone is lucky to wear this white apron. It will coat all your youth, Sweat, hard work, thousands of sleepless nights & tears.






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